Saturday, December 16, 2006


in case most haven't noticed, i have had my knickers in a knot this week. just a general sense of irritability mixed with reading the news. i think that what i have been so irritated with is the general air of hypocrisy that goes on on a day to day basis here in the ole' red, white and blue. family values, moral superiority, christian work ethic, blah blah, blah- it is somehow, amazingly, everyone else but us needing to change. it is always the family down the block with the heathen children or those damned muslims trying to change our way of life- or of course the world is getting warmer- it's a warm cycle that happens naturally so i can drive my suv and burn my woodstove and throw away all of that plastic instead of recycling.

add to that- the sheer hubris that this is only a christian holiday season- forget about that pesky chanukah and kwanzaa - and the fallacy that 70% of americans are christians- well- i don't do lying and fallacy well. so, if i have dimmed anyone's holiday because of my one woman wrecking crew- i apologize for being caustic. i still stand by every word i have typed. let's pledge to make 2007 a year of integrity and honesty and courage to do what is fair and what is right. even if it isn't popular.

happy holidays.


Anonymous said...

IMHO, there are too many people lacking in one important human characteristic: Tolerance.

Peacechick Mary said...

rar, rar, rar - me too!

spadoman said...

Absolutely Betmo! Live and let live. Stop judging. Do unto others. Peace and Peace and then Peace.

Anonymous said...

right on... :)

Anonymous said...

It is a time to move foward together with a shared vision of our children's future... eww, I sounded like a politican.

Leroy said...

I notice the quote at the top of the page is "Life is a journey, not a destination". This caught my attention, I suppose, because I have seen it over and over and wondered how it holds up. I do realize that our popular view of history is that it is a timeline, and a matter of time more than space or place. At any rate, wouldn't it be more useful to say that "One's life is expressed in the practical world in a complex of journeys toward tangible destinations?"

Anonymous said...

"let's pledge to make 2007 a year of integrity and honesty and courage to do what is fair and what is right. even if it isn't popular."
I like this very much. It is something to work toward.

betmo said...

leroy- i suppose. but i like things succinct :)

Anonymous said...

hey b, I like you when you're caustic.

but I usually like you sll the time anyway.

Yeah, I like this post and the one about the war on Christmas bs.

This is one area I think will get worse before it gets better. As less and less people go to church, more of those who still do will keep on squawking.

As other people have said, tolerance is the key. If religious people were more tolerant, then their numbers might not be declining so quickly. But I don't wanna get up early on Sundays just so someone can tell me I am going to you know where.

Happy Holidays, b!

enigma4ever said...

whelp...if I can post I will gladly take a pledge to help make this a better year ..of integrity...and peace....and hmm, tolerance..that 's good too...but mostly courage....I think we need it.

Donnie McDaniel said...

I just love it when Betmo gets riled up!!!! That's the spirit, give 'em hell!

Anonymous said...

I recently heard a celebrity talking about her no-news policy. She shuts out current events and politics because "it's all bad things." On one hand, I empathize--the news is always depressing. On the other, we relinquish our ability to make a difference in a world in great need of rebellion. To me, ignorance is just not bliss.

Anonymous said...

I love the line about heathens trying to change our ways.

Its funny, cause, yanno, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and every ritual in modern religion is based on those old pagan practices.

I guess the Pagans sort of died out because they refused to fight over religion.

I've never heard of "The Pagan Wars" have you? LOL

What's the Pagan motto?
"Do as you will, but do no harm..."

Which makes me wonder, if the most successful religions are the most violent ones.