Monday, October 09, 2006

western style democracy and compassion

if this is the standard we are setting to force the rest of the world to follow, there is little wonder that there is so much resistance.

guerrilas in the midst:

Gunning Down Itemad Ismail Abu Mo'ammar


Human said...

With bullets paid by us.

The Bodies are Hidden

The Free of Truth is Forbidden

Guilty is as Guilty Does

We have no right to be Forgiven

Anonymous said...

painful. I read this and cried for her terror, for her bravery, for the lies, the loss, the CRUELTY.

And for all people that live with this kind of horror.

I blogged it too. Her story needs to be told. All that it represents, needs to be made known.

landsker said...
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landsker said...

Oops, due to typographical herrors--- an overview of the supply line that killed the good woman.

"I paid my taxes, who cares how they get spent."
"Who me?"
"Nah, I just operate the machine".

"Me? ... No I just pack cartons".

"Nothing to do with me, I just drive the truck to the docks."

"I`m just a soldier, the arabs are all terrorists."

We are all responsible......... aren`t we?

7:25 AM