Thursday, October 19, 2006

in the news...

when campaign tactics go bad- california republican campaign

is it any wonder?

hope on the horizon?

uh huh- why do they need all of my personal info in a government database?

again, hope?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but comment on your site today. Thanks for the Dean quote. I heard him explain his thesis about "authoritarian followers" at the ACLU conference earlier. The roughly 30% of U.S. citizens who fit this description will like those travel cards that are supposed to be "more secure and uniform." They will not mind being included, as I surely do, in those vast national databases.
Regarding the anxiety level, that is why I blog. I would be pacing and grinding my teeth otherwise, B.
I am glad you blog, too! How's your level?

betmo said...

anxiety level? depends on whether or not i keep blogging i guess- now that the government is officially going to crack down on bloggers. exasperation, frustration and anger levels are off the charts though. more at the 30% who follow than the yahoos at the top. i expect that of them- they are soulless and conscienceless afterall. the 30% who continue to give their last dime to the likes of pat robertson and his ilk- and the nra and various other repub campaigns when they are actually harmed by the policies- that's where i can't fathom it. sounds like a personality disorder for sure to me. no miracle drug for stupidity though.

Peacechick Mary said...

I just can't imagine the wild and crazy Americans who are soooo independent in what they do and say being lassoed in - I mean they would have to have a pretty big rope to tie up millions of people. I dunno - I think it's more bluster than actual action.

msliberty said...

Thank you so much for highlighting the terrible campaign abuses we're facing here in California.

I suspect that this is not the first time something like this has happened...nor will it be the last.