Thursday, October 19, 2006

dean on cheney...

"as bush proceeds with his second term, we have had some six years to observe him. it is abundantly clear that he is a mental lightweight with a strong right-wing authoritarian personality, with some social dominance tendencies as well. bush's leading authorities are 'his gut', his god, and his vice president. cheney, it appears, knows how to manipulate the president like a puppet, and handles his oversized ego by making him believe ideas or decisions are his own when, in fact, they are cheney's. ... cheney is the mind of this presidency, with bush its salesman. ... bush simply does not have the mental facility or inclination for serious critical analysis of the policies he is being pushed to adopt. ... without terrorism, george w. bush would have likely been a one-term president; with terrorism as a raison d'etre, bush and cheney's authoritarianism has not been questioned seriously enough."

john dean, 'conservatives without conscience'


carbunclefrank said...

And Karl Rove makes sure nothing done or said can be traced back to these two morons who continue to decimate our civil liberties...What really irks me is that they will leave office as millionaires with a lifetime health package so they dont have to care what happens to this country because of their greed and lust for power.

JollyRoger said...

Don't be too sure exactly how they'll leave.

It's been widely reported the Chimperor has purchased around 100,000 acres in Prarguay. I can't help but believe there may be some kind of "exit strategy" for the Chimperor, just in case he has to "cut and run."

Truth-Pain said...

I agree with this quote from Mr. Dean, EXCEPT the part of Bush being the salesman.

G.W. Bush cannot sell anything,... the reason he is in the tank (other than the policies) is that the demeanor and conviction of his mannerisms can't sell what his mouth bellows. You watch him hunch over at podiums, put on that annoying grin of his (no offense Mr. President, just an observation). If the President could sell this war like Say Bill Clinton sold the Democrats Welfare reform in 95' or like FRD sold the Republicans going to war in 41'... IF he could sell like that?... we would REALLY be in a world of shit.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I agree with the statement on the whole, and I agree with TP some.

I just do not understand how enough people bought it in 04 to send him back.

Of course it all came down to OH and FL like it probably will in 08.

If the Dems do not find someone to win at least one of those, then we are screwed.

I was somewhat comforted in the past that it looked like McCain might be the nominee as he USED to be moderate. But now he is making way too much right-wing noise. Even if its lip service, he will have to follow through like Bush did.

Does anyone really think Bush is so against abortion and gay marriage when Laura Bush won't even talk about the subjects so she won't have to lie and say she is not really against either?

The book that just came out about how Bush and Rove supposedly used the rel right in 04 might cost them some votes. I hope so.

Hope you are having a good week, b.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to make a Karl Rove mention, but somebody beat me to it.

Renegade Eye said...

The hope is in the streets. A strong antiwar movement is the best hope, for maintaining freedoms.

glenda said...

Rove and Cheney have a special place in hell reserved for evildoers. bush should qualify for the back seat chauffeur in their hellmobile.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but our pres is not a mental lightweight. Test scores prove otherwise.

Please, try to work through this notion. I mean no offense.

But, I do agree, that Bush is bullied by those closest to him. He may endorse what he says, but may be he doesn't. I don't think he is mutiple personality.

We must fight the effort, not the person. That's my opinion anyway.

My rationale would come from the theory of group think.