Monday, October 16, 2006

constitution monday

i am devoting constitution monday to a true patriot and lover of america- john dean. if you haven't picked up a copy of 'conservatives without conscience,' i encourage you to do so. there isn't anything uplifting or much good news- but there is a bunch of empirical data that will help the 75% to 80% of sane america to at least understand the driving force behind what is going on in america these days. forewarned is forearmed. go to the library or bookstore- or get it for a really good deal at i did. it comes right to your house and i have barely put it down since opening it. dean writes with a style that pulls no punches and i do admire his big brass balls at bucking the current conservative trend. read it as soon as you can!!!!!!!

the constitution of the united states of america


Mary said...

Thanks Betmo. I agree that forewarned is forarmed.

Trailady said...

I admire anyone who is brave enought to think for themselves. :o)

Frederick said...
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Frederick said...

Whoops, that didn't work very well, eh?

Try again:

The Ultimate Betrayal

Anonymous said...

It still amazes me that John Dean, Nixon's layer, is LEFT of any issue. That is astounding, if you think about it. Even more astouding is I'm seriously considering purchasing a book written by John Dean.

landsker said...

"To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;"
Making the rules as they go along?
Even then, the first rule was, "The power shall remain with the rich!"
Hi Betmo, You know, the constitution was written on paper made from hemp?
G. Washington was a hemp farmer.
Hemp, in the time of Washington was the most widely grown and traded commodity on the planet.
From hemp came paper, food, oil, cloth,fuel, rope, polymers/plastics , medecines.
It may not suprise you to know that hemp and crude oil are similar substances.
Little suprise to know that hemp/marijuana was declared illegal at the behest of american oilmen and industrialists.

betmo said...

well- the founding fathers were the 'liberals' of their day. they put together something that was different- although somewhat similar to the prevailing governments of their time. nothing surprises me anymore. i just feel that we have to arm ourselves with as much info as we can and we have to literally fight these people back. we are in a fight for our freedom. these folks don't want us to have it.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi betmo,
people should be informed quite clearly that their sons (and daughters) are being sacrificed in Iraq, and elsewhere in the world, not in the name of 'freedom' or 'democracy' or some 'higher good' but in the name of greed:
1) To impose US rule abroad
2) To safeguard US Oil interests
3) to empower the republicans.
4) fighting a war by proxy for israel

Of course there are 'hunters' who go to Iraq, because they have a lust for human prey (blood). Licence to kill.
There are those going for the glory if not the money, and those going to get away from their wives.

But those sent to Iraq under false pretences, are sent under false pretences, whether US or British.