Sunday, October 15, 2006

bloggers beware!

i have known for some time that the right was unhappy with us 'liberal' bloggers. they have been looking for ways to end our reign of terror- from the at&t merger to trolls- the right has tried to stop our momentum. i guess it was a matter of time before they called in the 'big guns'- yes, that's right- the religious right. but don't take my word for it:

holy crap!- courtesy of my friend cap'n t


Anonymous said...

OMG (whoops, now I'm going to hell)!!!

I think this is about FREE SPEECH and limiting teens exposure to NEW IDEAS that might make them THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Can't have that, now can we??

msliberty said...

Oh, I couldn't agree with Pam more! I read the article you linked to and find it very disturbing...Also, a little ironic that the article is part of a magazine that has an online edition. What's with that? Kids can surf the net as long as they read about how ungodly the blogosphere is?

Anonymous said...

They should not have left a "Contact Us" link. Of course I responded, and I'll let you know if I get a reply.

Leaders of tomorrow?! I thought it was nice how they used fear to hammer home their point. NOT!

I have so many blogs on my list to get to, and I finally got to you. Good read, and I added you to my daily - I especially enjoy being listed as an agitator >;)

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

OMG is taking God's name in vain? Hummmm, I do that a lot. I guess I am going to hell. Idle chatter, you haved to own up to every word you utter when you go to heaven and try to talk God into letting you enter? The noise in his head must be incredible. Dear God, blah blah blah blah bhah. I can only imagine him having to hear the idle chatter of a coke head, they tend to be quite repititive.

moonlitetwine said...

betmo, in a hurry now. i'm trying to be dual; taking time off from blog stuffs and researching online, then, blogging about it. haha!

So, i'll git to the religious right's position on blogging. but, i have had problems even acknowledging the 'ol gang. i still think about all of the teens going to church to watch late term abortions on video.

by the by - i just checked. free speech and freedom of press is STILL a part of the US Constitution. amazing. i thought disappearing ink removed that one.

cool huh!!!!

earl bockenfeld said...

Strange stuff, indeed. They don't seem to like blogging very much. However they don't seem to mind IMing that much. I would consider that practice more dangerous from pedophiles and stalkers than blogging.

I know my kids who have small kids and teenagers at home - they monitor the "buddy lists" quite closely.

OMG is taking God's name in vain? WTF is this world coming to, anyway?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

This is why I try to check with one of the freaks every so often, to make sure I'm doing what it takes to go to hell. Eternity with these lunatics? I'll take the heat instead.

Truth-Pain said...

you said...

"i have known for some time that the right was unhappy with us 'liberal' bloggers"

I thought you were a moderate betmo,... what gives girlfriend? :)

jams o donnell said...

YeGods (damn that's me hellbound for profanity) What will they say next... I can't wait for then to twist Revelations a la:

"Let him that have understanding calculate the ip address of the blog, its number is six hundred and sixty six"

Peacechick Mary said...

I think they are trying to change the direction of Niagra Falls by blowing on it. They do blow a lot, but..

Mary said...

I have always said organized religion feels like mind control. There ya have it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the future was yesterday. I can't even stand to spend a few minutes with a fundie, and eternity, well, that's a resounding Hell No!!
As far as the parents not knowing their kids blog, that's baloney. If they don't know it is because they choose not to know.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

We all should be concerned and we ALL should vote.

Did you also see that it was the two Dems on the FCC that are blocking the ATT-Bellsouth merger until ATT gives a little quid pro quo?

I hope we all vote. I will also be doing a post on how many rr pastors have been campaigning from the pulpit, something specifically forbidden by IRS rules. They say they are not going to be caught and the odds are in their favor. I read that only 1 church has ever lost their tax exempt status over it for attacking Clinton.

Anyway, the rr (religious right) pastors are telling their members that the countru will go to hell if we-the Dems- win in November.

It looks like we will win, so whaddya say we all get out our ice chests and fill 'em up,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, b.

sorry I have not been around. homework-work-and a high school reunion.

spocko said...

Wow. Scary. The time I needed the most exposure to different ideas was as a teen. And maybe because it's because had a Jesuit education, but their ideas had to compete with others. Sometimes their's won, sometimes they didn't, but the Jesuits weren't afraid to allow other ideas they knew that they could compete and if you taught a kid to think for himself he's better "armed" for the future.

Chuck said...

No wonder I never wanted any part of weakness, er I mean religion.

DivaJood said...

Here's the deal: if the Religious Right (which is neither) were actually secure in their faith, they would not have to ram it down anyone's throat.

My own understanding of faith is that it needs to be a broad umbrella. Real faith is wide. Real faith is an act of patience, tolerance, kindness and love. What is passed off as faith is NOT this.

I've mentioned before that I am a sober member of AA; and through the steps of AA, I have learned real faith - it makes me sad to see it bastardized by fundamentalism and hate.

landsker said...

Checking "statisics", most of the world rejects religion. Faith is a fine thing, hope and charity are good practices.
Preachers knocking on the door of children...
Beware the men in black frocks,
seeking sheep for their flocks.

Sewmouse said...

It is a bad thing for people to blather on - so sayeth the article, which then proceeds to... blather on.

Actually, interestingly enough, having been brought up in an exceptionally religious republican home, I've never seen 90% of the nonsense this writer spouts. Could it be that he/she/it is just making it up as he/she/it goes along?

But then, it is true. Encouraging people to think causes them to move out of the sphere of your control. Only the very, very tightly brainwa.. sorry.. Controlled... people can be easily manipulated to do your will.

Why do you think Rush Limpbaugh informs his audiences that "I do the thinking so you don't have to?"

I no longer feel sorry for these pathetic lemmings. If they choose to put themselves into the position of allowing someone else to do their thinking for them, then they deserve everything that they get.

And if that means I too am going to hell - well - I'll be in really good company. Cheers, all

betmo said...

unfortunately, these yahoos are taking us with them.