Thursday, September 07, 2006


i have had my peanut butter english muffin and am working on my second cup of coffee- so we're all good. i have my panties in a bunch. i try and read a few of the blogs on the right everyday- and i like to do the whole thing on the weekends- because there is just so much damned good stuff out there that people are writing. so- in my morning stroll of reading- i am sensing a theme: people want a 'watch dog' to protect them from the danger of the 'fox in the henhouse.' i shamelessly am ripping off the analogy from another blog's comments section. here's my thought:

ain't gonna happen. we have to fight for ourselves and our way of life whether we like it or not. here's the deal- americans have been conditioned to follow government- we have been groomed to be good little children and let the government handle stuff for us so that we can be busy living our lives. driving around in suburbia in our suvs drinking mocha lattes and watching our 2.3 children in school plays and soccer games. false sense of security. we have a traitor in our midst- and it is our "elected leaders" who have reneged on the leading part- and the elected thing is up for grabs too- but i don't want to get sidetracked. it is up to us- the people- to take back america from the fear mongering and the power grabbing. we have to have another american revolution in this country- and it can start with us- the bloggers. we are in a position to rally the american people. i don't mean like the phony emails i get from the dnc and whatever. i mean by inspiring and encouraging the truth and putting it out there. getting stuff together in our home communities and states- grassroots. it will take much time and work- but what are priorities? yes, your life takes precedence to politics generally speaking- but the truth of the matter is- you won't have your way of life if we don't work hard to save it.

we have a president who admits what the blogsphere has been saying all along- there are secret cia prisons. now that the truth is coming out- how much is the ante going up? how long before political dissonance in america is silenced by citizens going away- like ghosts- into secret prisons? will people swallow that as part of the war on terror? whose terror? we have to take the lead and become the watch dog. there is no one else to depend on. there comes a time in everyone's life where they have to make a stand. now is that time. we have to make a stand against the tyranny that is being put into place- slowly so as not to make it noticable all at once. make no mistake- our lives have changed forever. do we want our freedoms? or are we going to hand them over to people who really don't give a shit about anything other than power? the time is now- the decision is before us. where do you stand?


Frederick said...

what is truth, how many times do we have to be proven right?

SadButTrue said...

As to the hens who require a watchdog, don't you mean chickens? Here's a quote I stole from another blog's comment section, "America will never again be the land of the free until she is once again the home of the brave." It is one thing to convince someone that something needs to be done. It is a much more difficult task to elicit their help.

betmo said...

well said on all counts.

Donnie McDaniel said...

Do it now, or do it later. The fact is that this country needs a purging. People can and must once again find their voice. Then use the damn thing!!

Peacechick Mary said...

I just did a post yesterday that said, if 10% of the people who see throught the lies, get the word out, that 10% can grind this bunch of thugs to a halt. That's what we are doing with blogs, bumper stickers, protests, letters to editors - making as much noise as possible. We can do it. We can stop them.

spadoman said...

Batmo my friend, please keep it going for me while I'm on the road. I'll be speaking up for us live and in person to all those I meet. I might come home with a broken nose, but it is a risk I'll take, my fight for my country.

Now, take those panties and un-bunch em'
Spadoman is on the road. See you in a couple o' weeks.

May Peace prevail on Earth!

jovial_cynic said...

hey betmo - post this on your font page somewhere, will you?


Yes, the rumor’s true. Greg Palast is facing a criminal complaint from the Department of Homeland Security stemming from his filming the Hurricane Katrina investigation for Link TV and Democracy Now. The film\’s producer, Matt Pascarella, is also facing the legal wrath of Big Brother. It appears the complaint is about filming a sensitive national security site owned by Exxon petroleum. It seems that photographing major Bush donors is now a federal offense.

and link: here

jovial_cynic said...

and link on my own site.

betmo said...

thanks for the head's up jc.

karena said...

I completely do not believe that all "14" of the "secret" prisoners were sent to GITMO. If that were the case it could have been done long ago and would not have required secret prisons all over the globe. Fourteen, that's it? And no one harmed? Bullshit. He is so trying to beat war crime charges. He is still lying.

Obob said...

GW will bait the press and public enough to keep the GOP in charge of both Houses in November. Sorry, it is what happens with the controlling party.

Obob said...

I have a personal Gitmo wishlist:
Barry Bonds - juiced
Paris Hilton - will not use profane language on your blog
the guy from the eharmony commercials - creeps me out
Mark Karr - perv
Brett Farve - packer
Kathy Lee Gifford - why not, you gotta go to the well sometimes

Back to my previous, before I get the "it doesn't make it right" reamrks, this war on terror being played like poltical tennis match and I wish we could get honest answers from Democrats what they would do in the same scenario. Not party talkig points, what they would really do in the hearts.

EAPrez said...

Seems to me that there's about a third of the population who will never be reached no matter what facts are presented to them. I think these are the people Dean writes about in his book. They just seem to be incapable of digesting ANYTHING that is other than what they wish to believe. Its very weird.

I had to drive to the lovely city of Cleveland today on business so consequently spent five hours on the road. Since I went to an ipod a few years ago - I never carry CDs in my car - just plug the ipod in but today I forgot to bring it so was forced to listen to the radio. I am not one to listen to the Limbaughs the Hannity's or to tune in to Fox News --- because what's the point? I already know the outcome....I used to listen to them from time to time but haven't in a couple of years. Today as I scanned up and down the AM dial I COULD NOT BELIEVE the stuff they say and get away with. One example I heard - and it was a local Right Wing personality not a national one - was an answer to a Republican who was upset that the Repubs hadn't done anything about illegals coming into the country. The host admonished him that although he was mad at Republicans for their failure to pass immigration legislation he should not vote for Dems because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi plan to open up the borders and let anyone in and then make them legal so that they have another constituency to pander to. So...if you think the repubs failed on immigration ... hang with them because the Dems will be a nightmare. We'll have brown people out the ass pouring into this country - speaking foreign languages and getting on welfare if you vote democrat!!

This is the kind of stupid bullshit they put out there that a third of the population believes without question. I am ashamed to live amongst such dumb asses!

Now - how do you guard against that kind of stuff? That's why this 9/11 bullshitomentary that ABC is showing is so dangerous --- 58% of Republicans belive Sadam Hussein was involved with 9/11 - and 58% of them will believe every lie laid out in this movie.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Not much to add. You all said it so well. We all have to keep writing, talking, posting, and most importantly voting.

I write to my Congressional reps at least once a month. It does not do much good, they are all repubs, but I want them to know I am watching them, just like they are watching some of us.

Chuck said...

...make no mistake- our lives have changed forever..."

Can't argue with that betmo. But the bush luvin' 1/3 will tell you that its the "towel heads" that have changed our way of life and that everyone of them is a terrorist or a least a collaborator. Its unbelievable what the bush regime has done to this nation in a few (if not looooong) years.


Everything you said. Great observations!