Thursday, September 28, 2006

my country is gone

house of reps


civil liberties


Peacechick Mary said...

This is OUR country - it is NOT theirs and I'm not going to let them take it away.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

There is one possibility: That world opinion will force this crazed man from office, when we can't. But I have severe doubts about that, as religious fundamentalism is spreading world wide.

Ingrid said...

It's politics as usual. This is why we need at least a three or more party system..

spadoman said...

This is sad mews. The Dems won't stand up because they are afraid they won't be elected. They are outnumbered and don't have any courage.

To allow this country to make a law that outright ignores the constitution is outrageous.

Someone please start the rebellion. I am an armed and meat eating liberal and want to join up.

Sarah said...

Things are looking bad, especially the "values" we now are embracing as Americans.

Does anybody see a silver lining I may be missing?

Chuck said...

Charles Logan, that horrible little president from "24", looks like a good man compared to this thing that sits in the oval office right now.

Even when the coup occurred in 2000 I didn't think things would get this bad. Now I know that they'll get worse every day it is allowed to remain in office. IF the Democrats are successful in re-taking the House and the Senate, the first item on their agenda should be Articles of Impeachment. There couldn't be more of a slam dunk case EVER.

Rebellion? Mass resistance in the streets, even revolution? Yes. would have to be in huge numbers- high tens of millions of citizens. Look at the admirable Mexicans and realize that still wasn't anywhere near enough. And although I appreciate and support them, the handful of demonstrators with signs on the street corners across our country won't do it.

There is one group that could make a good start in this country and that's the truckers. Think about it. The government relies on continued commerce. NOTHING would move without them. They could bring this country to a stop in a matter of a couple of weeks with a high percentage, concerted effort. Something like this coupled with every left thinking citizen in the streets of every county across this nation would bring about a change.

OK betmo. You got me on a rant today. :)

Mary said...

It's a sad day. I don't know what to do anymore.

betmo said...

there were 12 democrats who voted with the repubs. that is our problem. i am all about compromise- but at the right time- and this wasn't it. perhaps these folks were voting what their contituents wanted- but this is bad for the country. as for the truckers chuck- this admin is going to circumvent the teamsters via the nasco highway. they will truck stuff through mexico from their ports up through the middle of the country. this way- they can use mexican drivers. good thought though. i am not giving up yet- but things are looking bleak. once we lose hope- we have lost everything.

Chuck said...

Good point betmo. I hadn't considered that and had honestly forgotten about it. Evidently the Teamsters and Longshoremen aren't making enough noise (to reach people like me). You have convinced me of the urgency of action. I hope Labor gets vocal soon. Union busters are our enemy as much as theirs. Eventually.

taryn said...

You're right on, Chuck.

I'll emphasize that demonstrating and writing letters, voting and whatnot - they're all illusions of participation at best, a pernicious waste of time at worst.

Look - nothing is going to make a change except an *actual* change. Barking at elected officials to craft and implement a policy is passing the buck. And that's exactly what they want us to do, to keep us in our place.

Lets spend our energy throwing a kink in the works and let the politicians come up with a way around it. Then throw another kink. And another kink.

Each of us does something to contribute to the *need* for this war and this corruption. Lets each of us examine the footprints we leave.

Personal initiative trumps policy. Haven't we learned anything from the terrorists?