Wednesday, September 27, 2006

just a quickie

i haven't been keeping up with the news the last couple of days- i have been busy cleaning and winterizing and what not. what intel i got from mom- was that the folks in power are not happy about the big intelligence community leak to the press saying that the world is not any safer- and is in fact less so- following our foray into iraq. ok- now i am not a political strategist or a beltway insider but i do know that all one had to do is look at world news reports to get that info. is it really a leak? common sense has told some of us all along that iraq was a bad idea. couple that with pakistan's musharraf pushing his new book(which i am adding to my holiday list by the way) and not pulling any punches about being threatened by colin powell and dick 'i am taking the fall for rove' armitage- and a pretty picture emerges.

america- a country who threatens, bullies, tortures, blackmails, spies on its own people, has secret prisons- all in the name of making us safer. oh yeah-- i forgot the lies part.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

How about a "Planned Leak?" Get everybody mad. Get them fighing over "did it or didn't it?" Meanwhile, the war crazed killer goes about his ways..... So much, if not all, of our "news" is simply planted stories, read by handsome/pretty heads, that it's absolutely impossible to ascertain the full truth anymore. The uproar over Coric was a good example. She left one teleprompter to read off another one. BFD!!! But how much did you read about her news gathering ability? And that's how we are so easily distracted.

spadoman said...

I agree with the future. Ever watch the TV show, "The West Wing"?
They show some of the inner workings that they try to do. Diversion is one of them. Corporations do it all the time in the interest of making more money for their stockholders.

Remember the main issues. There are many, but the ones that take lives and strip us of our rights are tops for me. End the War and save our Constitution.

Vote them out!!!!!!

Frederick said...

But now it's official, and that makes it harder (but not impossible as we've seen)to spin it. Guess I agree with the others, this doesn't change anything for either side and is just a distraction.

DivaJood said...

I love the concept of a planned leak. Of course it was planned. We're not safer, and that gives Shrub the green light to continue to try and conquer the world.

pissed off patricia said...

The NIE was just confirmation of what we already knew. Was it a planned leak? I dunno. If anything keeps Iraq out of the news I think the white house loves it.

Chuck said...

You didn't miss the latest Keith Olbermann commentary did you betmo?

AscenderRisesAbove said...

seriously; where is the surprise about that little tidbit? I want to meet these people who are surprised; taken aback - thought the world was a safer place; because I don't know a sole who feels that way

sandy said...

It seems that a lot of people thought that the US did things to deserve hatred before, now the Iraq war has put an exclamation mark on it.
I agree, no newsflash here

Lily said...

You missed alot this week then!!

Some good, some..well, scary..

Watch Clinton on YouTube!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey betmo, sorry I have not been around more. Many many projects due at school. I hope to have more blogtime coming up.

I think this is one of your best posts. Short, sweet, to the point, and totally true.

unfortunately, bush and his people have proven in the past that they will lie and spin and spin until just enough people are too tired or too dizzy to care about the truth.

bush is a disgrace, and if he truly was a values-oriented man, he would have resigned during his first term, ar at least had the decency not to run again.

Publius said...

There was also one important point in that released memo too. It said that if the US pulls out of Iraq and civil war begins, only this time with obvious involvement from other Sunni and Shiite countries, the world be a lot less safe.
There are now more terrorists because of the War in Iraq, but there will be even more if Iraq falls into total chaos. Right now there are parts of Iraq under control, and Iraqi forces have taken command in those areas, but they are still a long way away from taking command over the whole country and specifically in Baghdad.