Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my new favorite righty

david gergen has served as advisor for nixon, ford, reagan and clinton. he advocates bipartisanship as the way to move america forward. very classy gentleman.


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey betmo, I agree with you. He always seemed to give Clinton good advice. I did not always agree with what I heard him say, but he really seemed to be an honest, straight-forward kind of guy.

I am so glad you are back blogging!

Time said...

Good choice!

QUASAR9 said...

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spadoman said...

righty tighty, lefty loosey.

That's how I learned which way to open or shut a water faucett. Makes sense here too me thinks.

betmo said...

q- this video is very prevocative. i have to mull it over. i encourage everyone to watch it and think it over based on what we know about the wmds in iraq and other various oh- lies- that have been told to the american public. provocative indeed. still pre coffee q :)

American Crusader said...

Bipartisanship seems to be nothing more than a catch phrase in these days. Ever noticed how politicians change their views depending on which party is in the White House? The best example would be Social Security.

VPCheney said...

More Republicans are reasonable like Gergen than you realize. They just don't have radio or TV ratings to support.
Bipartisanship means different things to the parties involved. To Republicans, it is the effort to compromise and include the minority party. (Take the Kennedy Education bill for instance.)
To Democrats, bipartisanship is when the Republicans bend to the Dem's will. Democrats in the Senate have been like spoiled children, "We are not really the minority party (voting maching fraud), but it will have to be our way or we will oppose you" on everything from National Security to Judicial nominations.

spadoman said...

excuse me mr vpcheney

How dare you say one party sees bipartisanship as different from the other party. That's exactly like stereotyping a minority group and having a discriminatory point of view in everything they do.

There are Republicans that are selfish and up to no good, and there are Democrats that do the same. There are also Republicans that represent their constituants as best they can as well as Democrats that do the same.

To say that Democrats are totally different and against all that the Republicans want to do is preposterous. To say that Republicans are the only ones who want compromise is equally as preposterous.

You make it out to be a black and white issue with no room for any Republican to be "bad" at his or her job, and no Democrat to be "good" at it.

This is an unfair assessmant and wreaks of a narrow uncompromising single partisan mind.

betmo said...

i think that more dems are moderates than you realize. the 'silent majority' are only just now getting into the fray. it is always the fringes that foment any changes- good or bad. passion is not an emotion i would normally equate with moderation. so- i think that there is room on both sides for moderates. my hope is- more moderates become involved and take back their respective parties. mr. gergen said as much on colbert last night. only by working together can we be successful. i don't think that you can dispute(perhaps you will anyway)that the repub controlled congress has thumbed their noses at most compromise since 1994. especially since 2000. been pretty one sided for a few years now.

Sarah said...

BOTH parties are guilty of letting politics get in the way of compromise, in my opinion. However, Republicans are more guilty of this practice because they are the ruling party.

It is time to support politicians willing to work for a better America, no matter if they are liberal or conservative.

America is not polarized. It's time to support legislation that represents the people, not the fringe.

G_in_AL said...
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G_in_AL said...
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G_in_AL said...

Call me paranoid, but anyone that has "advised" that many Presidents, and that many different parties is good at nothing but telling a guy what he wants to hear.

Let's face it, a President must, by nature, be an egomaniac... they normally dont take well to those that contradict their opinion... and this guy has served Reagan, Nixon, Ford, AND CLINTON????

That's like saying the guy like beef, pork, fish, chicken, but hates steak.... come on already.

I'm sorry, but I see a transperent guy who's very adept at telling people what they want to hear to secure a well paying job that looks good the social circle at the country club... call me a pessemist if you'd like, but I think I'm right.

spadoman said... drunken fool, you're first comment is in the wrong thread.

And what's with that 'Marines' bumper sticker? Are you a jar head? That explains everything. Many of us who served use jesus and booze to ease the pain, it's OK.

Welcome home and thanks if you served.

G_in_AL said...

lol, now that it's the morning, and I'm four cups of coffee into things, I'll move my comment over to where it belongs. I was in teh Marines, and I served at the outset of he Iraq war for 6 months at the HQ in Kuwait. After that, my 2nd tour was up, and I got out (a decision made before going to war).

I dont need the beer to get over the pain, I use it to help sleep when I'm at a hotel (which didnt work, hence the 4 cups of coffee), and Jesus has nothing to do with any pain. I didnt see anyone die, I didnt shoot anyone, and I dont have emotional issues.

But I know you were mostly in jest, and thanks.

Betmo, if you'd be so kind, please remove my comment here that should be over on the other thread (the movie one)

betmo said...

good lord- i miss a round of comment keeping up and i have mayhem here at the blog! :)

my thoughts on politics for the day:

each branch of government needs to go back into their constitutional boundaries. people need to get their heads out of their asses and stop depending on the gov to meet all of their needs. state's rights and personal responsibility! yes- i know that that is the 'official' conservative line but i have always agreed with it.