Wednesday, August 16, 2006

too much before coffee

i have got to stop reading before i finish my first cup of coffee in the morning :) there is so much out there to digest and take in. first- hat's off to the gaelic starover for once again giving me something to think about: craig murray . quasar9 came by and left this one too- and i am still mulling it over- pentagon strike.

so- now i am headed to get my second cuppa and think. can't do one without the other:)


QUASAR9 said...

Betmo, nobody died at the strike on the Pentagon. That section had been closed down for refurbishments. No bodies, no dead. No plane wreck. No accident investigation. No black box.

The only evidence they have shown is that footage of something slamming into the Pentagon.
Not even a top USAF pilot could fly a plane at 600 MPH less than 20 foot over the ground, and not hit the highway or bounce off the gound.
Only a missile can hit with such accuracy a building only several stories high.
Only a missile can punch a clean hole through three sections of reinforced concrete walls at the Pentagon.
Only someone firing a missile could ensure there were not any casualties in the vicinity.

It would take more than a fluke for a novice with only a few hours practice in a monoplane, to line up the Pentagon with a passenger plane and hit it, without crashing on the highway or simply touching the ground with the tip of one of the wings and cartwheeling.

You ask any fiend with a flight simulator game to try and land @ 600MPH, or to lineup for a direct hit on one of the hangars in the game

betmo said...

yes- but wasn't it supposed to be a commercial airline with passengers? if so- did they make names up? this is what is perplexing. i am not doubting you q- i suppose i have more questions than answers.

betmo said...

my question is- where are these people?

what really happened to them if this was a hoax? i am very puzzled.

thepoetryman said...

It certainly doens't follow logic.

spadoman said...

I have seen a movie that asks questions, but does not say, in fact, that they have the correct answers.

I want the answers to these basic questions as well. Where are ANY parts of the passenger jetliner? I also want to know how building 7 collapsed as it received NO attack from the airplanes.

It makes me wonder. I don't want to believe my government is trying to put one by us, but I also wouyldn't be surprised if they are. That is ALL past administrations as well. They all had secrets that thew general public didn't know about, like using soldiers as experimental factions while dropping A-bombs in Nevada in the 1940's. We didn't find out about that stuff until many years after.

I'm not a scientist. I can't prove this or the opposite. As far as where is the plane if it didn't hit the Pentagon? Well, anything is possible. It could have simply been blown up or crashed somewhere where no-one will look, like deep in the northern reaches of the ocean for example. Anything is possible.

More to the point at hand. There is a war going on. Let's try to get this to come to an end, then prove the ambassadors of death wrong on other fronts.

landsker said...

The 9/11 was a false-flag. End of story, and no if/but.
There were most likely a small group of muslims who thought they were going to attack america.
The actual attack was not co-ordinated by these muslims, as shown by the overwhelming amount of documented evidence.
Or in muppet speak, "...the hijackers` plot got hijacked".

A government spokesman here in the u.k. said to me, in answer to my calls for a comment:
"The events may well have been orchestrated by the american administration, however it is not for her majesties` government to investigate events in America, if this attack was perpetrated by the american government, then it is up to the american people themselves to investigate".
Mmm, I thought, well that is clear.
Reflecting upon his "neutrality", I remembered that it was the american government that ordered the totally unwarranted bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Oh yes, and then there were 3 million dead vietnamese, mostly civilians.
Then there were all those latin american left-wingers and trade unionists who got murdered or disappeared.

A reminder that those at the pentagon are not engaged in the pursuit of peace.

G_in_AL said...


And everyone Else:

I've commented about Quasar's flash before

So, the flash is very persuasive, but... (there is that dang word again)

I suggest you concider the old theory of "Occam's Razor". For those of you scientifically illiterate goons, this is the idea tha the most simple, or easiest answer is the most likely.

Lets just say Quasi-moto is right... it a big cover-up. That means that several things have to be true:
A.) There is a reason the flash he links to starts with Nazi speach lines (that should have clued you in first)
B.) There is a reason to cover something up
C.) There is something to cover up
D.) The US government has something to gain by covering the whole thing up
E.) MOST IMPORTANT The US was able to somehow collude 4 agencies (FBI, DIA, NCA, CIA, D.C. PD, 7/11 Slurpie Union, Everyone living within a 2 sqmile radius.... etc, etc, etc).. yeah, I went way over 4 didnt I?

Anyway, the whole flash assumes that the govn't had a reason, a thing, and a way to cover up something that big, and then somehow got EVERYONE but the un-cooberated sources that this flash tries to list to help them cover it up.

Because the majority of the D.C. population is Bush croneies? Not likely, the D.C. area is mostly filled with African American welfare and project folks... they normally vote Dem... so there goes that one.

Just seriously think about the realities here. Quasi-moto's flash tries to play on your "Enemy of the State" facination, and make you WANT to belive the conspiricy theory... but in reality, I think, we're talking about a bit too much coordiation, all for the other most likely senario: A smaller plane hit the pentagon.

Why would they lie: Answer that one with something aside from whacky conspiricy theories, and you'll be on to something.