Sunday, August 27, 2006

excellent parallel

to today's what ever you want to call it in the middle east. bushco wants war, war, war- and will stop at nothing to get it. i try to read as many blogs as i can daily- and this is why. there are so many excellent ideas and writers out there conveying them. hats off to lapopessa and buckarooskidoo over at make it stop! make it stop! for their work. take a trip over and see.

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Obob said...

I support the war in Iraq/Afghanistan/Terror. But I prefer no war, there are better things to spend billions on, like education and health care.
War is when tryants wish to harm the innocent, force their will on the innocent and fail to respect humankind. There are those on the left who will say, GW! I will disagree it is GW with my dying breath and you may disagree with me. That is why I love this country and what we stand for, freedom. Look at our enemies abroad, they really want us either dead or succumbing to their theocratic will.
Another reason I enjoy your blog betmo, another view of our beautiful country.