Monday, December 21, 2009

happy winter solstice

i set myself free this year. for years, baking cookies and making treats to send out in packages to friends and loved ones- was my 'thing' and i really enjoyed it. but over the last few years, 'the decade from hell' to be more precise, with the rise of the christian fanatics and christianity shoved down your throat at every turn- the season lost its luster. couple that with the corporate, capitalist greed and people trampling each other to get an xbox- well, i didn't give a hearty you-know-what if i ever 'celebrated' another holiday season.

and i say 'holiday season' and i also say 'happy holidays' because the whole month does not belong to one religion- and contrary to the adherents of that religion and their insistence that 'christ is the reason for the season'- he really isn't. early cultures celebrated the turning of the seasons for centuries- the equinoxes and the solstices were cause for feasting, games and family time- and yes, gifts. the current unholy corporatist greed fest is a largely 20th century invention- although things started downhill around the turn of the last century.

anyhoo, i decided that i was simply not going to participate. nope. i initially started out telling myself that the packages would be smaller- only a few treats this year- and i ended up simply sending the few gifts we are obligated to send. i hate obligatory gifting. yep. now, i am not a kill joy- i enjoy my egg nog and rum as well as the next person and i love the food from thanksgiving through ringing in the new year- but the ridiculous idea that one has to save up gifts all year and stuff 900 of them under the tree to make the season a happy one- well, it's ridiculous.

if we all think back to holidays that were special to us- one or two special gifts stand out; or playing in the snow with cousins and siblings; or aunt jo and uncle larry hosting the annual feast and the adults playing cards around the table afterwards. the gifts make the kids shriek with excitement but for the most part- they pick out their favorite toy and go outside and play. we could all save ourselves hassle and stress if we did what my mom did and picked from the top 5 things on the lists. those are the ones we want the most. and guess what? none of us always got what was on our list- and we all survived. imagine that. and now, we are the ones hosting the annual feasts and we should be the ones who know better about over gifting and obligatory gifting.

so, from now on, i am not gifting unless i want to- and i will feast and play games from thanksgiving to new year- and anyone who feels obligated to gift me because it's the holiday season- you can make a donation here in my name

arbor day foundation

happy holidays......


MzCraftyPants said...

Happy Holidays, betmo ;-) I know how you feel. I determined, immediately, when I became a mom, that I would not make a big deal about "Christmas" and I have pretty much kept that word for 20 years. From the time they could speak, my kids were told that Santa=Mom&Dad and that sometimes "Santa" can't afford to bring them the cool toys they so richly desire. I let the kids make a list of 5 things and they get the top least expensive things. The other two are passed on to the grands, who make up the difference. My dad got smart though, he just sends gift cards so then after the new year, I take the kids out to pick goodies they may not have gotten on Christmas. I refuse to wear myself out or feel guilty for not keeping up with the Jones'.

jmsjoin said...

Happy Holidays Billie you have the right idea, enjoy the season!


Hi - I see the Free Spirit did the same thing I did - my kids were told that WE give them the gifts; that there once was a REAL Santa who gave gifts to poor children, but that now it's just a fairytale and we can only have fun looking at this happy, chubby guy - talk to him and tell him what we want, but then mom and dad hear the same thing Santa does, and they are the ones who do the buying.

I don't believe any child should think Santa doesn't like him or her - if the parents don't have the money for 'commercial gifts', you can see how traumatic it could be on a those wee folk.

So, now that I'm a great grandmother, I can still be 'Grandma-Santa' and at least it's clear if 'Grandma-Santa' has the funds for a gift, or not.

We need to focus on what's important in life TO ALL, not just to the people who can afford to 'whoop it up' during any holiday.

Enjoy your snow; your family time, and have a great new year (at least the turn of the new year is 'REAL' anyway).....


David G. said...

Take care, Betmo!

I send you best wishes from Down Under where we have 40 degree temperatures and droughts.

Unknown said...

Take of your loved ones with a full heart. That's what it's all about.

Love and peace,

Billie Greenwood said...

I just love you. Enjoy the holidays and keep on dancing to the beat of the drummer you hear. ~Billie

Anon-Paranoid said...


A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

God Bless.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,... you`re right,...the Earth was in orbit around the Sun long before Jesus, Moses and the corporate feast.
Anyway, hope you have many good sunrises yet to come.