Saturday, December 26, 2009

winter is settling in with a vengeance

the silly season is drawing to a close- and i must say, it has been a quiet one for me. purposefully. i can't say it was awful- i actually had an ok time of it- but not at all as exciting as the nation at large hypes it to be. it really can't be. my husband and me and the two cats makes for a really dull party. seriously. the inlaws will be in town this week- through new year's day- and that will be nice. i mean provided they make it through security at the airport- it could take them a week to get through. sigh.

so, i am working on finishing up a crochet project- you can take a peek over there at homebody crochet if you want- and i have a wee bit of laundry to finish up. pretty much my night will consist of playing the farm games on facebook. i really enjoy the one where you make your own cheese :)

i live on the edge- what do you want from me? i am finishing up with homer's odyssey and most likely will start al gore's latest- i got if for the holiday. anyhoo, it's just as well that everything is winding down and it's just as well i didn't go all out- everytime i attempted to prepare a goodie that i have made in the past- well, the results were not as expected. sometimes they were edible and other times not. so- perhaps next year i will be more in the yuletide spirit- but this year, i am content to just be.

can't say as i am looking forward to the upcoming year- but i have to live with it- and so i will. snowed like a bitch last week- today- rain. no more snow on the ground- just wind and rain. sigh. my sinuses are going to give me a fit. just a wee bit o' round up at chez betmo. hope everyone had the holiday they wanted- let's celebrate surviving another year in the 21st century :)

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