Saturday, October 03, 2009

my poor neglected blog

the blogosphere is looking a bit like a ghost town these days as 'progress' steam rolls over the lowly blogspot in the name of facebook, myspace and twitter. for myself, i have been enjoying playing the cute games over at facebook- and mostly reading in real life and watching various movies i have seen a million times. autumn is a time of reflection for me, and indeed, thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday and has been for years. i thought it was because of the overall spirit of the holiday but i am wondering now if it isn't something in my genes :) i have been reading my library books about the iroquois- the seneca in particular- and their festivals were ones of thanksgiving. it's nice to ponder whether i am who i am because of my ancestry- and not just a product of my parents and their own traditions. who knows? my father was not raised seneca but he struck out to learn in his own way about where he came from. unfortunately, his soul is so badly damaged that he can't share. he does in his own way.

folks talk about having kids and how difficult it is for the parents to let go- or to lose a child before they die and whatnot. no one ever talks about how difficult it is for a child to let go of a parent. it is rejoiced that children have attained their adulthood and freedom- but we children are supposed to realize that it's normal to lose our parents- and just suck it up and move on. i would like to go on record as saying that those folks who come from intact, stable, loving, 'normal' families should never-- not one day- take it for granted. for those of us who didn't- we live our lifetimes mourning the people our parents could have been and mourn the loss of potential and memories we missed out on. i look at my parents as fellow human beings on the planet and i see the devastation and wreckage left behind from their broken parents and ancestors- and my heart cries for them. in different circumstances, my parents could have led happy, fulfilled lives. perhaps i wouldn't be here today if they had- but i would gladly trade my life for theirs if it meant that they didn't have to experience the hurt and despair and black misery they encountered. in a heartbeat...


fjb said...

Hey Bet,

I'm still here, though you're right, it's not as much as it used to be. I love Thanksgiving too. It's the only holiday I celebrate without actually feeling like a wee bit of a hypocrite.:) The smells, the colors, the food, and the thankfulness that I've managed to live another year and am reasonably self-assured I didn't harm anyone. Perhaps bruised a feeling and ego or two, but caused no lasting harm. ;)

Take care girl, and enjoy. A lot of us come from pretty screwed up families, maybe that's why we tend to stick together. See you over on fb, and thanks for all the hearts and coffees, btw. ♥

Carol Gee said...
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Carol Gee said...

Betmo, thanks for writing such an insightful post. Namaste, in fact.
Fall is here, too. It is a cool moist day, shorter than in June. Pretty soon we will have to be on the lookout for gremlins.
Peace, my friend.

Anonymous said...

ot but in relation to your comment at uncommon sense the question of the moment is Dan Riehl a Child Predator?


Hi - boy you did sound 'a bit blue'....

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, but I think that's because I celebrate my birthday (as I will this year) on that day. My youngest grandson celebrates his birthday also on 11/26; my youngest son celebrates his on 11/30 as does one of my better friends.

So, aside from the actual reason for the holiday and the history behind it that reminds us of those wonderful Native-Americans who are the rightful 'owners' of this 'USA' (as I see it), it's also a holiday that's got tremendous meaning because it focuses on our family; our friends - what we are thankful for, and there's no expensive present exchange or high cost to sit down to a nice meal with those you love.

As to a child losing a parent; I have lost one of my parents and have always been sensitive about this issue.

As a mother who has 4 children, I can only say that most parents would probably go through those difficult times; have their babes (as you once were), and find great joy in knowing they're leaving an 'ambassador' for the future; a 'gift to the future generations', and I don't think any parent wants to give up that opportunity (nor do they regret it).

I'm glad you've been able to take a break from the blog; knowing you're doing some reading - watching movies you like; doing the crafts you enjoy and being caught up with productive projects that will last long after these blogs have 'moved on' to 'earlier posts', and people will not bother to see how you might have been feeling 10 posts 'ago'.

As words of wisdom; issues of the day - situations that are national and internationl are fed to us in a myriad of electronic forms, we're overlapping information; we're almost 'crammed' with data, and we need to step away from all of that, and come back to our own thoughts; we need some respite from all that the I-net tempts us with.

I must thank you for my heart you gave me; I too, find that those silly little games and tests entertain me late at night, when I'm exhausted from trying to absorb all the articles I read; all the opinions that are bandied about, and the ever-invasive television with its 'freak shows' aka 'news reporters.

I've certainly cut down on the computer time; rarely bother with my blogs, and have found myself feeling much better as a result of it.

I like the sound of silence; I need to retain my energy for important tasks and obligations; to me, no blog will ever be an obligation or even an 'outlet' - it will only be one of those 'things I did' - tried it; liked it for a while, but it's truly like eating cheap white bread that's 3 days old. For me, that's what 'blogging became; I'm a letter-writer; an e-mail writer, and a one-on-one kind of person - one who knows I can't save the world; I can't fix stupid, and I'm not going to wear my eyes out in front of a computer screen, trying.

Have a great week-end; enjoy this coming week and those autumn colors.

We've finally gotten out of the triple digits in the day; down to the 60's at night, and I'm renewing my park membership and heading out tomorrow to camp!

Hooray for the beauty of nature and the peace that it offers all of us.

My best, Diane

WeezieLou said...

me too, back to including some time for blogging - tho also enjoy seeing you pop up on FB.

impt musings. i've also had to say g'bye to my parents, several others, in the past 2 years. lots of people have said "well,you're at that age..". maybe, but hugs and sympathy also help.

in therapy much of my life, my goal has been to be able to say a loving g'bye to my mother, and to find a way too enjoy life more than she was able. so, i pray for her, walk out to the special garden i created in her memory - and enjoy life far more.....