Thursday, October 01, 2009

a lament for my country

not really- i haven't ever written a lament and i doubt like hell anyone would want to read it anyway. many folks aren't 'into' poetry anymore. but a few articles and oh, the past 9 years or so have brought 'round the issue of democracy versus police state and whether this country- and indeed planet- will or can survive.

there are a few of us out here in the middle who look at the world situation with america as a catalyst and wonder if it's us who are crazy or everyone else. what's the quote? 'it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world?' there are those of us who are actual living, breathing, thinking human beings and nothing that is going on makes much rational sense. the way words and meanings are twisted or outright lies and propaganda are swallowed as fact- it's bewildering to me, quite frankly. but it isn't totally unexpected. not when you realize what the big picture is supposed to look like to the folks who are really in charge.

it isn't obama or reid or pelosi. it isn't sarkosy or brown or merkel. there is an oligarchical ruling class made up of old money and corporates who are running the show. as much as i hate rumsfeld and cheney, they were second tier at best carrying out orders. they aren't smart enough to take down a whole country on their own. and what better way of explaining the apparent 'deaf ears' of the supposed left wing democrats to any popular hue and cry? seriously, they don't have to answer to us- they answer to a 'higher power.'

so, looking at the bigger picture, looking at the farce of voting and protesting and following the various distractions in the media, i mean domestic issues like health care reform, it stands to reason that voters don't count. if what we wanted mattered, there would be universal health care for everyone sans penalties or taxes-- like yesterday. seriously. as it is, we are being told it isn't 'american' to want 'socialized' medicine even though every poll to date says that that is exactly what we want.

i discount people on the right as even mattering these days and i am not apologetic for it. right wing is fear based and mean and there is no logic for it. i also dismiss people on the left these days and am unapologetic because left wing is based on willful ignorance to reality and deliberate naivete towards political relevance. the right wing is afraid of people of color and other religions and the left is afraid to admit that their idols have greedy feet of clay and are not saviors. the bottom line is- human beings all look alike on the inside but behave differently on the outside. some are genetically inferior to others and it is not by accident that these folks end up in positions of power.

mom and i have been discussing 'people power' versus 'the power of one' and we both agree that masses don't have the power that one human being does. it only takes one person to take away the liberties and individual rights of millions of others. and all of the protests in the streets can be dispersed by the sonic cannons and tear gas and whatever operated by a single person. something to think about.


jmsjoin said...

It is all a farce Billie, as you know I say it often we are living a total lie!

Spadoman said...

I know you are absolutely correct in this assessment. As I mentioned the other day, you hit it on the head. As a Veteran, I am having a hard time accepting these facts, but deep down, I know it to be true. I need to give in and accept it all and quit trying to save the planet and instead, save myself and family.
If they'll let me, I'll live in....