Monday, August 31, 2009

monday, monday

anyone else ever wax nostalgic for a time period you weren't even born in? or probably even thought of in? i was born in 1971- so, that makes me...... close to middle age ;) sometimes i look at old news reel footage on various shows and it looks like simpler times were happier ones. now, i am not naive enough to think that the folks who came before me were problem free and perfect- human nature being what it is- i am sure they had the same issues we face but for their particular time period. i think that there's something to be said for 'innocence' though. take the 1950's- segregation was still enforced and women rarely worked outside the home. shades of june cleaver leading up to the 'revolutions' of the 1960's. but one of my buddies sent me an email with a clip of high schoolers 'rippin' it up dancing their butts and everything else off- and they were having fun. you could tell. my mom talks fondly of the school dances she went to back then- the music may have been a bit bubblegum but it had a beat. and while there was plenty of 'petting,' there wasn't the simulated sex going on where you knew that was the main objective.

anyhoo, there's really no particular point to this post other than me- longing for a time before global climate change and overpopulation. i guess i look back to a time before i was born because that's when the ball started to roll downhill. i have a bit of an upper respiratory issue going on- first time since i moved out of the old, damp apartment, so, i am under the weather. the summer is winding down and i have a few odds and ends to finish up before the weather gets cold. so, september will be the catch up time-- weather permitting. it isn't supposed to rain for the next few days- so perhaps i can get the outside work caught up a bit.

i am looking forward to autumn.

birds heading southward
leaves changing colors; nights chill-
autumn skies turn gray.

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