Sunday, August 30, 2009

branching out

yeah- so i joined facebook to promote my etsy site. can't say as i am impressed for myself anyway. i can see the allure- you can find anyone who wants to be found almost instantly. i prefer ning as a social site myself- it's more limited but facebook is too chaotic for me and has too many distractions. it gives me a headache.

i will definitely not give up my day job :)


Frederick said...

found a bunch of old friends on there, have no idea what to say to em...


I'm with you on this one. I kept getting these damned e-mails from friends who said to join.

I got so fed up with it, I put up 'something'; wow, then I got bombarded with people writing on 'my wall'.

I do have a friend (Robin Urton) who's done very well selling her artworks on FB - she just wrote me tonight, about selling another one, so it does work for some.

I prefer e-mails; or no computer at wall (just my play-list blasting away, and me cooking in the kitchen or cleaning out a closet to sort things for charity).

Got a big shipment going out this week; things to 3 different charities I support, and to me that's the 'joy of living'..........

FB - I check in only when someone writes me about not having checked in for so long.

Fun stuff? I do that 'pick 5 things stuff' - just for fun; that's about it.


Whoops - typo' - no computer at ALL (not wall).

We'll be gone this week; in fact most of September, and I'm very anxious to get away from computers; the I-net, and negative news.

I think it's time for me to clear the rss feeds that do nothing but spread negative news - I'm too old and too tired for it anymore.

Spadoman said...

I like FB. I go in there and look around. I ignore most of the requests, and it's easy to delete or ignore. I keep in touch with good friends and the old acquaintance now and then that surfaces has always been a pleasure.
I will promote your Etsy shop on my pages to the 100 plus "friends" I have. I'll ask them to send it out to their friends, the ones that are not my friends already. In this way, it is a good sales tool.
And the best part is that YOU are my FB friend, as well as my Blog friend and an e-mail friend and a friend overall.

Funny word verification this morning:
I want to see your ice cream cone, andalik

fjb said...

FB's not so bad, Bet. And no I'm not talking about my initials. :D If you get swamped by app requests, just block the apps, that's what I do. It's a great networking tool, too, and I find it a little more personal than blogs.

billie said...

mmmm.... fi- that is precisely what i like about blogging- it's only personal enough :) i tend to be a bit aloof.