Thursday, March 19, 2009


i love finding good music from others- and i shamelessly bring it over here to share :) but i would be remiss if i didn't say that i snagged this from my buddy the pagan sphinx- who apparently snagged it from sherry. loretta is great in her own right- i grew up on her solo stuff and her duets with conway twitty. apparently, she has up-to-date ideas ;) i think it's great :)

oh- and along with southern fried- jon 'the daily show' stewart highlighted this product a few weeks ago and i keep forgetting to share :)


Mary said...

Oh I love this and have the cd. Jack White is so open minded and talented and when he teamed up with Loretta I knew it would be good stuff.
(How are u B?)

billie said...

looking forward to spring :) i got seeds planted in flats waiting for the garden bed i have to make in the backyard- and seed potatoes due in mid-april. how about you? school? taxes? any new projects?