Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the rest of the world is watching us

to not forget the past as we put it behind us. we need to take responsibility for the crap as well as the good stuff. hopefully, they won't let us forget.

taking responsibility for bush

and hopefully, the brits won't have another blair, the germans....the french.... the spanish.... etc- and they will clean house and we can all start fresh sans nato and the new world order.


landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Yep, let`s hope that the world moves a little closer to some kind of harmonious existence.
Sadly, the wars are not over yet, we will have to see if Obama does constrain the excesses of the militaries, both in their budgets and their aggression.
As for NATO and the New World Order, they didn`t leave town with GWB, but let`s hope they have begun to "get the message".

fjb said...

Your largest trading partner Canada needs a good mucking out, too.:)

billie said...

well, get to it fi!!! :)