Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back into the fray

look folks- i don't want to rain on anyone's inaugural parade (or snow as the case may be- it was f***ing cold yesterday) but the reality is- bush is gone, but not really. he is certainly building his library and museum- but attached is going to be a 'freedom institute'- and the ranch at crawford? well, he's allegedly going to sell it-

"In 2002, the ranch was wired for what Bush described in a 2003 tour of the ranch as "real time, secure videoconferencing" to be used for his briefings from the CIA and Dick Cheney"


as it was billed as 'the western white house'- anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether the same types of surveillance equipment and other needed 'presidential' goodies weren't put there too? let's keep a watch on who actually buys it. as for the freedom institute- bush isn't the policy wonk- and rovie went to crawford on the former president's plane with him today. let's just keep a peep at who is actually doing what out there in dallas. tom delay rears his ugly head from time to time- he is still in washington, dc and trent lott is now a lobbyist there.

as for dick 'the dick' cheney- if you believe he really needed the chair- i mean really, i have some alaskan tundra to sell ya also. the man has a bad heart and we are to believe that he is moving boxes and lifting things. right. guess that's why he donned the trench coat, fedora and cane too before heading out. katie couric remarked how it was reminiscent of fdr, and while she is a dolt and no one would ever accuse cheney of channeling his inner fdr, i think it was the look he was going for. what better fear to put into rethugs than fdr has returned in the form of obama? listening for anytime to the rightwing nutjobs of talk radio- looks like cheney succeeded.

and guess what? he's moving into digs in mclean, virginia and guess who lives across the bay? rummy- he lives in st. michaels, maryland. so, they all are still around making trouble. in fact, that's their plan. it isn't just the hardline rethugs left in congress- but we must watch out for the blue dog democrats who only won because they are so much like rethugs to begin with. but the plan is to delay and stall and obstruct--- and the ultimate plan is to get 're-elected' in 2010 and 2012. they can't see the progressives and other democrats win. they don't want obama and the democratic congress to be successful because they won't have any chance at all. in fact, they are out there saying just that.

the republican governors like haley barbour and rick perry are organizing a movement to take back control of individual states. we don't hear or see them often because they aren't on the national stage- but if anyone thinks palin will rear her ugly head as any kind of leader of the rethuglican party- they are delusional. by the time 2010 or 2012 rolls around- palin will be largely forgotten. barbour and perry working along with cheney and the rest- rove is still around as is bill kristol and the whole pnac crowd- are going to work behind the scenes to screw with what has worked for them in the past- voter disinfranchisement and voter fraud and hackable voting machines. make no mistake, they do their 'best' work in private and in secrecy- and the most secretive man in the white house- won his case to remain so.

look, we cannot pretend it will be wine and roses. president obama (whew! it's weird acknowledging i have a president again after 8 long years. and no, never watched one speech or presser the shrub or cheney gave. not one.) said as much in his various speeches and most notably in his inaugural speech. we must work together to keep the dems on track for sure. but we must be vigilant within our own communities and our own states to keep these people at bay. they can't win if we are citizen soldiers and we don't let them. we bloggers are going to be more important than ever to keep the needed flow of information out there and to keep the true grassroots movements going. we took back our country with a foundation of information that was built upon by citizen activists following through. obama can promise the moon to us all but we are the ones who have to help him lasso it.

america is our country-- if we want it to be. remember the french revolution where the elites' heads were chopped off by the citizens? well, we don't have to be quite that drastic but we do have to force the change needed and if we need to- vote people out and hold them accountable. the future is not ours- but the present is. what we do now, will be for our children and their children (if the world holds out that long) but the decision is ours.


rethugs plan anti dem press conference to 'triangulate' and obstruct, etc.

and lest we think we don't have much work to do

anti-terror law invoked for unruly behavior- not terrorism

praying obama fails


fjb said...

Yup, back to work indeed. Great minds think alike.:)

Dave Dubya said...


And a wheelchair is not the chair required for Dictator Dick...He needs the chair with the electric cables attached.