Tuesday, December 30, 2008

good god almighty

i just sneezed like 18 times- hang on... make that 19. i have a headache to beat the band- and i am just thinking to myself- wtf? haven't i had enough for one week? but no, i think i am catching a cold. sigh.

but on a brighter note- the pagan sphinx has done a blogger award thingie- and gave me a shout out. if i read it correctly, i have to come up with 6 things that make me happy- and they should be things most wouldn't know. since i am a closed book- this should be easy ;)


1) dark chocolate. yep. you thought i was going to say my morning cuppa (and that's good too)

2) being warm in a snuggly blanket with a warm fireplace crackling

3) reading a good sci fi book.

4) listening to mozart- or jazz- or other really good music- you know the stuff with lots of notes and no words?

5) sitting on my porch in the summertime sipping a glass of bully hill sweet walter white and listening to the birds sing while they eat the japanes beetle grubs out of my yard

6) not having anywhere in particular to be at any given time

now, i am supposed to pick some folks to do the same thing- but since i don't know who actually stops by here anymore- feel free to leave something in the comments or give your own award to someone. i think now, more than ever, we need to spread a wee bit of happiness around :)


Unknown said...

What a great list of happy things Betmo. ;)

PTCruiser said...

I agree with most of the ones you have. Excellent.

Frank Partisan said...

I'm discovering opera. I'm also a big Ella Fitzgerald fan.

I think you'd like Milk and Slumdog Millionaire, at the cinema now.

billie said...

i truly love ella fitzgerald and i am a fan of louis armstrong's trumpet work. the man was a genius. i adore mozart's concertos and indeed, he is probably my favorite composer. i also have a fondness for george winston and enya :) i will have to put milk in the netflix- and i have not heard of slumdog millionaire- but i will throw that in too when it comes out for rental :) thanks.

fjb said...

1. chocolate and more chocolate :)
2. a good joke and lots of laughter
3. making my older sister laugh uncontrollably - sounds similar to a hyena.
4. wandering around my garden in the summer pretending to know what I'm doing while taking macros of flowers and bugs.
5. a good dark roast coffee

jams o donnell said...

Here's hoping you have a happy new year Betmo

eaprez said...

I am suffering from a cold myself. Been too sick to do much since Monday PM. A bit better today. Went to doc last night and was told I just have a cold which will run its course in 10 to 14 days. Hope you feel better soon and have a bright 2009.