Friday, February 01, 2008

really cool environmental articles

i was going to attempt to download a real map- but it's huge- and it slowed everything down on my computer- so warning! on the actual site- you can view it how ever you want- and it's pretty cool.

anthropogenic biome maps

what are they?

"Anthromes, by contrast, combine human settlements and land-use with natural vegetation. Instead of the either/or maps between, say, tropical forests or human agriculture, anthromes map a continuum of 15 landscape classes ranging from dense settlements, through irrigated villages, remote croplands, residential rangelands, and, ultimately, to wild lands."

i thought it was interesting. also, looking at the bigger realistic picture of what we are going to face in the next 20 years- well, the dialog has to start now. we have to face the facts that there will be oil shortages, water shortages, food shortages- and jamias cascio has a good article to get the ball rolling.


Larry said...

That is a frightening look at the future, and it probably softballed the reality.

Chris in Seattle said...

just got back after restarting my 'puter, so I've yet to view the map. Interesting stuff you got here.

Anonymous said...
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