Saturday, February 02, 2008

by the numbers

let's pressure congress- shall we? we must do better.

global warming by the numbers


Geezer Power said...

Well, after reading this I feel like doing a number myself. This is the result of seven years of Bu$hco, aka "The PNAC Takeover", which now operates as a corporation that controls all three branches of our government. There is no regard for human values, environment, or anything that doesn't address their narrow agenda.
Global Warming is now in the spotlight, but sadly the accelerating phenomina of extinction of species, the alteration of plant forms from over use of chemicals, and the horror of geneticly engineered crops is on the back burner, while the Evil Cabal marches blindly into perpetual war as if this is the solution to all the worlds problems.

But Of course the NWO idiology leans more toward genicide than preservation of what is most sacred to all of us. The natural state of things on our overcrowded planet. The New World Order seems to be gaining momentum and I believe that Bu$hco is one of the leading proponents. End of rant.

Thanks for the link to the Chinese Do you mind if I do a post on it...thanks...G:

billie said...

by all means :)

i think it is going to come down to those of us who can be- or want to be as self sufficient as possible- should do so. if we don't have to rely on others for our food, water and energy- we have a shot at survival and autonomy.

Daniel said...

Hey, Betmo, those figures are alarming. As to pressuring Congress, most of the folks in it are the ones who most contribute to global warming!

Bit sad, really!