Wednesday, December 19, 2007

do your part

in light of the sheer volume of corruption oozing from this man- and his apparent attempt to hide or distract by the fire at his offices today- please spread the word and sign the petition. he's the one we are after anyway- no one on the planet truly believes that the bushling was the brains behind the cabal- do they? let's at least have it down in history that we, the people, attempted to do the right thing. big thanks to all of the congresspeople who have truly been working towards impeachment. kucinich, wexler- and the others who are putting some pressure on conyers and pelosi. guess what folks? we aren't satisfied with the soft pedal approach. we are the progressives- the new liberals who aren't as touchy feely as we have been in the past. we have gone through hell fire and have lost our democracy- and now- we want it back. no turning the other cheek. been there done that. sign on to do the right thing.


Larry said...

The last count I had seen was 100,000 had signed and the list is growing.

Daniel said...

Betmo, you've got the fire again! I knew you would. People like us can't help ourselves. We want to make things right and fair in an unjust, unfair world.

Hope you're keeping a bit in reserve for yourself this time. We need you!