Thursday, December 20, 2007

ahh... coffee and impeachment

let's give these folks a bit of help- shall we? sign the petition at wexler's website; follow up with a call to your representative, or send them a nifty 'spine card fax' courtesy of the backbone campaign. we have some real momentum this time. i started out 2007 wanting to impeach cheney- and time after time- 'it wasn't the right time' if ever- for conyers and pelosi. well, let's force them to make the time- or we will have a 2008 that will be worse than this year ever thought of being. let's send a message. the msm is ignoring wexler for all it's worth- and with the white house dictating news stories (as usual) we sure have to be the ones to spread the news and make the progressive voices heard. let's give ourselves a great gift for the holidays- and this is one that will keep on giving :)

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Larry said...

100,000 signatures and growing. But first they need petitions with a few million names for Pelosi and Reid, the Republican "Devils Duo" who will stop any impeachment.