Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i really like youtube. i know that some folks in the past have grumbled about not liking videos on the blog. i am not sure why. i generally try not to put anything lengthy- or obscene- but some stuff is too cool not to share. the flaming lips from a couple of days ago- not a great video but great lyrics. lemar- pretty good tune. just try a few seconds- you'll get hooked too :) i spent last night listening to james live at various performances- good stuff!

another busy day in betmoland- running around and whatnot. light posting today- but feel free to visit scrap and the corner and any of the other fine blogs listed on the sidebar- i posted at sirens today- so check it out!

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jmsjoin said...

man Betmo
He is fantastic isn't he. I fell in love with his voice as soon as I heard him and had to run out and get his first album. Excellent. I am so caught up in the days idiocy I only hear music from you guys. I Love the videos and obscene is fine too.