Wednesday, November 28, 2007

'beauty's where you find it'

yeah- dating myself again with a line from a madonna song :) it has occurred to me over weeks that america is an ugly place for the most part. not just because we are moving towards a fascist police state- no i am talking about the urban sprawl and the strip malls and the crumbling infrastructures of our older cities. yes, we still have some wide open spaces that we get reminded of to keep our minds off of our own towns- but we are- and have been- turning into an ugly place. i have been reminded repeatedly what a dirt bag city binghamton is- and apparently, other folks feel the same way about the places they live. i watched the first few episodes of 'the shield' last night- courtesy of the netflix- and wow! los angeles is a city of fallen angels.

so- what to do? well, finding the ugly in anything is easy. one only has to look. seeking the beauty of a place or time is a bit harder. but that's what i plan to do. the whole planet is in chaos, our beloved constitution and the ties that held us together as a nation are dissolving, and greed is king these days. pretty ugly. but there are pockets of beauty- and for my sanity over the next few ugly decades ahead- i intend to find them and nourish them and cherish them. no one can take that from me.

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fjb said...

As a good friend (probably the best I've ever had or ever will have) advised me years ago: If you don't look after yourself first, and find a reason to see the world and your life as better than you believe, then you're deliberately punishing yourself and worse than that, hurting the ones who love you most. Advice I've lived by ever since.