Saturday, November 17, 2007

citizens of america think!

Watergate Summer: Saturday Thoughts..about the Damn Debate vs. the Coffee Shop Debate by We The People.....11.17.07

take a peek at these questions- feel free to make your own questions and answers. get that dialogue flowing!!

my questions:
  1. What are you going to do to make amends to the people of iraq? Follow up- what are you going to do to restore diplomacy around the world?

  2. What steps will you take to restore the constitution and citizens' bill of rights?

  3. What steps will you take towards cutting our pollution levels and holding corporations accountable for pollution? Follow up- what steps will you take to move a public service program encouraging citizens to conserve, recycle and reduce forward- like the anti litter campaign in the 1970's and the restoring the ozone movement/acid rain movement of the 1980's?

  4. How will you buck the pull of the corporate lobbyists and special interest groups? Follow up- what is your plan to move campaign finance reform and election reform forward?

  5. What is your plan for restoring an open, transparent government- no secrets?


Larry said...

You and Enigma have excellent questions which basically cover it all.

I can give you their answer which is they will do nothing.

enigma4ever said...

oh larry...but we still have to keeps us sane :-)

( I think....)

Betmo's are wonderful...
and dead on...

don't worry we will get this country back...I don't know when and I don't know how...but I am not ready to give up yet...nope...

Unknown said...

This from a blogger (Enigma4) who practices censorship and lies to her readers???? Bad choice of information origin.