Saturday, November 17, 2007

heading into thanksgiving

for those who are newbies- and others who may not know this :) (dan- you hush) i am a moody person. i think to an extent everyone is- but i am borderline seasonal affect disorder for sure. i am absolutely NOT complaining about the weather here. it is a wee more seasonal of late- and i am not rocking the boat. we are the northeast- we are supposed to be cold. tain't natural to have 50 degree weather in november. so we roll. as thanksgiving is approaching, and as i have been thinking much about this over the last few weeks- we have the first cuppa musings of a saturday morning.

i know that i am thankful for all of the folks who deem me worthy to come by and read my humble blog. there was a time when i was new, and i wanted to go like gangbusters. i had bells and whistles and tried out everything. i still do sometimes- but i am thankful for the few, the proud, the faithful readers- nay friends- who drop by and read and comment and generally make my life more pleasant simply by being who they are. so- thank you. this has been a year of great losses- coming on top of years with great losses- and a year of tying up loose ends. this has been a year of reflection and of action on the part of the citizens of the united states- and the world. we have much work to do on healing- but i am thankful that we realize that we have each other to lean on and support. so hugs to all of you- and much positive energy.

i have learned so much from the blogs and writers i visit. not just about the headlines or opinions on the world stage- but about you- and your families- and the way you spend your days. to me, that is invaluable because i see where your heart lives. i had lost faith in humanity- let's face it, we don't have a great track record of getting ourselves out of pickles without much waste and bloodshed- but between reading, blogging and talking with my mother, i have a glimmer of hope. not to mention i get to read writing that is far better than mine on topics i never would have thought of :) so- i have been reading more than writing these days. good for me- and possibly good for you :)

anyhoo- i am thankful and honored each and every day i sit down to type at this computer. not just that i have an audience- but that i have a computer, a warm, safe home, people who care about me and love me, and 2 cats who are ridiculously needy. i intend to be the peace i seek in the world- and big thanks to bz for recommending 'creating true peace' by thich nhat hanh. if i could buy the world a copy- i would. yes, i know about the impact on trees and global warming.:) please- get yourself a copy- you will be glad that you did. i finally started reading it after having the book for months- and feeling less than peaceful inside- and it is buddhism for sure- but 'engaged buddhism.' it is working for peace- not just passively resisting violence. for those of us engaged in working for peace- it is food for the soul. so thanks again, my friend for encouraging me to read it. i will be around lurking and reading and writing a bit- but in case i haven't said it yet :) thank you to all. namaste.


Anne said...

i am thankful to have found your blog, betmo. hopefully, we can all get through these troubled times by continuing to connect about our hijacked country.

Larry said...

Very nice post and Thank you for being here so I can have a place to hang out.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

With all due respect to your sign bearing Turkey, she's egotistic. I hate turkey tits - way too dry! Give me the dark meat so that I may fall comatose into my recliner!

"i am a moody person. i think to an extent everyone is"
Not me. I'm just emotional.:P You...oops! I was to hush, wasn't I?

SAD affects different folks differently. When I lived in Michigan, I had a hell of a time with it. When I moved down here, where five cloudy days in a row is come kind of record, I felt like a new person. SAD will really swing your moo..uh, emotions, at least, it did me. A quality, fairly powerful "natural light" type lamp is a godsend for days like that. If you get one, get one that not only you can read under, but drenches you with it's light, also.

landsker said...

Maybe it is just me, but "blogs" seem no longer to be just simply one-dimensional pages of words.
Rather, they have become like as physical places, with personality and movement, almost arcadian in their interactivity and their purpose..
Certainly, they have helped break down the "barriers of stereotype", and have begun to be educational, informative, and somehow, by some un-named unplanned evolutionary social mechanism they unite rather than divide.
Coincidentally, I have also been known to have had a "mood-swing" or three, (wintertime and the odd full moon..:>)
So I always try to rise well before dawn, I also have a few flourescent type lights, (CFL-enrgysavers;2700K+6400K) which help brighten the winter, you can also keep houseplants under them, plants love it!

billie said...

i am also a dark meat of the bird kinda gal :) i am tempted to try the light- 'move towards the light' :)