Saturday, January 08, 2011

living in america

people in america- i should say many people here in america- have their heads in the sand. they aren't interested in politics and they aren't interested in much more than living their lives- going to work, shop, shop, shopping along popping out accessory children and generally jamming their heads up their collective asses. they pretend that america is a democracy and that there are folks on the fringe that do crazy things but will go away. these same people believe that profiling and armed patrols within american borders by our military are ok; these people believe that mistreating large swaths of the planet and within our borders is ok- and they believe that being strip searched physically and electronically in our airports is necessary 'for safety reasons.'

look, life isn't 100% foolproof and we all end up with a dirt nap in the end. we can't live forever and we can't take anything with us when we die. in a free society, people take risks to live free. being free means everyone gets to live in freedom- not just certain groups. it means that some of us will be killed or taken advantage of. democracy means power of the people- and if we, the people, of america allow our fellow citizens to take that from us- then we don't really have a democracy.

i have stated this before- the right is at war with the rest of us. they don't rest and they don't give a shit about anything other than their own agenda. sarah palin is taking the rap for the entire tea party but they all believe the same way- they hate the left and don't care a bit about killing us to get what they want. and they won't go away..... they will make us capitulate first... or die... and it's that simple...

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