Monday, September 21, 2009

nothing much to say i suppose

had another nice weekend. mr. betmo took a few days off and we got to spend some time together and he crossed a few things off of his 'to do' list. we got some lighting ideas for the house- and we may have to mortgage it again in order to afford them. geez- who knew really cool lights were so expensive? next year maybe...

went open housing again- saw a few nice layouts but i must say i was overall disappointed. in this area anyway, expensive housing simply means more added rooms. we aren't looking to upgrade instantly but wanted to know what we had as options. i was thinking perhaps some neat features or upgrades- especially with older housing stock. apparently, not. lots and lots of 4 and 5 bedroom colonials with no personality. who knew?

i have also settled on the fact that i just don't like the telephone. nope. never have really. when i was a teenager living at home- we screened our calls. back then, we had the answering machine pick up and if we wanted to talk- we simply picked up the phone. these days- we have caller id on the cells. i still screen. i much prefer email or texts or simply snail mail. i don't live an interesting enough life to be on twitter or talk on the phone. what i have to say can fit into two lines of email with a picture. seriously. it's a personality thing i suppose. i guess it's why i prefer blogging to facebook. i am not into the instant thing. a phone call is a demand of my time. someone wants an instant answer or conversation. i prefer the slower approach. which- is ironic in the age of instant everything.

anyhoo- i am having an evening tea- i am pooped. last mow of the season at the fam's today and putting away air conditioners and putting down storm windows. washing of the comforters and whatnot. in a week or two- it will be time to fire up the fireplace and snuggle in a comfy chair with a throw. and that pretty much sums up my weekend. i have not followed any news at all and have been watching the netflix and movies we own. i cry everytime in every movie of the lord of the rings trilogy. mr. betmo and i just started the matrix trilogy. i love hugo weaving. perhaps a little v for vendetta in the queue too :)

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Pagan Sphinx said...

I remember house-hunting and hating every house in our price-range. They were all small, pre-fab style ranches, with no personality, as you said. We knew we had to go with small but we didn't settle for no personality. This was my first marriage, when the girls were young. We ended up with a small (2 bedroom) old cottage with all kinds of charm. I don't regret it. We sold it five years ago and made a good profit. Out here in the sticks, there are these little gems.

Good luck with the lighting. It IS damn expensive!

I'm glad you and Mr. Betmo are chilling and watching movies. Good therapy.