Monday, August 17, 2009

why the powers that be don't like the internet

my buddy diane sent me a link to an interesting article. the topic is psychopaths at the top of the food chain- and if you know what a psychopath is- then you know why i believe it to be true. in fact, mom and i were talking topic last week- not only is it my hobby- i went to school to study the crazies amongst us.

there is little doubt that the neocons are psychopaths- and there is less and less doubt that the dumbocrats are cut from the same cloth. how else to explain the absurd lack of accountability for anyone connected to the cheney/rumsfeld regime? evidence has existed since before impeachment was taken off the table by madame speaker- and yet, the only head to somewhat roll was scooter libby. think back to the scapegoats oliver north or g. gordon liddy- well, they got rewarded with their own media shows.

it is only going to get worse- please don't buy into the 'change' crap- when you have lobbyists and foundations and whoever writing the health care reform- and big oil buying the presidency- well, ain't gonna have much of that there change. besides, if you read the first article, you will note that it states that psychopaths are only out for their own security and domination. well, that makes this all the more ominious:

pulling the troops out of iraq is making that country safer- but it's my guess those troops are going to end up here on american soil. aren't ya glad obama didn't do away with that bush era mandate?


Renegade Eye said...

I believe the Democrats are the main enemy.

David G said...

Hey, Betmo, great to see you keeping the bastards honest! Well, more honest.

At the moment I'm advocating International Friendship Day occur every day while at the same time I'm urging occupied people to rise up and, using guerrilla tactics, rid themselves of their oppressors.

Do you think I'm confused?

Brother Tim said...

Goodness gracious! I thought Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress were the Messiah and his new Apostles. I've been away far too long. :(

C-dell said...

The internet is a powerful tool