Tuesday, July 21, 2009

move on

look- i am not heartless and i understand grief. but grief doesn't give anyone the right to wrongly hold and imprison innocent people. it doesn't make secret prisons and the military commissions act legal or right for a democracy. these prisons should be closed and the prisoners who are blatently innocent set free. the others should be tried legally in an american court of law.

9/11 families should not have a say in the closing of the prisons. they deserve justice but so do the innocents in guantanamo bay.

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Brother Tim said...

The most amazing thing is, they refuse to try some that they say are dangerous because they don't have the evidence to prove their guilt. Whatever happened to the concept of innocent until PROVEN guilty? What kind of perverted justice allows people to be tortured and detained indefinately without charges or trial? This is SICK!