Saturday, July 04, 2009

little bit of a roundup

plant disease hits northeast gardens

"In the meantime, plant experts are warning gardeners to be on the lookout for the disease and to take quick action if it crops up. The first sign is often brown spots on plant stems, followed by nickel-sized olive-green or brown spots on the tops of leaves and fuzzy white fungal growth underneath. Tomato fruit will show firm, brown spots.

Spraying with fungicides can control late blight if begun before symptoms appear, but many plant experts recommend removing and destroying the plants instead to prevent spores from traveling."

knife crime on the rise in uk- what is it that they said about guns?

costa rica greenest, happiest country- won't last long- lots of americans are moving there

obama and a dem congressional majority hasn't changed much

rich land grabbing from poor- for food

once upon a time, americans had integrity

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David G said...

Hey, Betmo, an interesting list of links there.

Hope you're floating along with the current and keeping your head above water.

I may retire to a padded cell soon. Seems saner somehow. Watching the world lately is like watching a movie made by a madman: it makes no sense.

But then, perhaps it never did!