Saturday, July 25, 2009

for the faithful

i know it's summer. i know readership is down all over the internets. i also know that there are certain issues folks should know about that are not getting the attention that they deserve amidst the media's orgy of distractions. the last administration is one of them. every admin pushes the envelope on constitutionality. it's why we are supposed to have separate but equal branches of government- not one party toadies for a unilateral executive. the last admin simply made its own laws in spite of the fact that we allegedly have a constitution.

and they got away with it.

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Time said...

I'm still waiting for the prosecutions.
Some are slowly happening (Carl Rove deposed this week)but Obama does not want these prosecutions to happen.
Not because he wants to protect Bush administration officials, but because he wants Americans focused on his agenda, understandably.
I disagree. As Obama has said many times, we can tackle more than one thing at a time.
He has an obligation to uphold the Constitution, that is his priority. Prosecuting law breakers, is a priority.
We filled the jails with Nixon's crooks and the country did not fall. We need to fill the jails with Bush crooks, and our country will not fall because we take the time to do it.