Monday, May 18, 2009

what i miss sometimes

i have been out of college for oh- awhile :) and high school even longer. i think what i miss most about having those experiences is the lack of discussion and sharing of ideas. i thought for sure i would find it online- as the internets are full of tubes and wires that lead to all sorts of folks and places. but i didn't so much. i have met so many great folks and blog buddies from coming online- but the discussions aren't there. the closest i have gotten are trolls and right wing folks only interested in smashing me down. regrettable for sure because there are many folks out there who are interested in hearing and sharing.

it isn't about converting to our 'side' necessarily. there have always been two major parties, for example. it's about talking to each other and compromising. oops- i said the 'c' word. the sort of compromise i am talking about doesn't happen in congress or politics usually. their compromising really does compromise this country. no, the compromise i speak of is realizing that right and left both have many traits in common- we really aren't as different as certain folks are trying to make us believe.

liberals have traditions and celebrations; believe in the military and even serve; believe that all men and women should be treated fairly and equally, etc. it isn't true that liberals believe that government should have its fingers into every aspect of life and it is true that government has grown exponentially under the last 3 republican presidents.

the biggest truth is that both sides of the common people- right and left- are being fucked by the politicians of both parties in government-- for THEIR personal gain not ours. my thought is- most of the crap that they have set up for us to fight about-- abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, etc.- distractions. they want to keep us screaming at each other so we don't notice the fact that these folks are STILL profiting from 2 wars and thousands of military bases around the world. that they are still profiting from the jacked up banking system and insurance system. that they are still sucking up our natural resources while doing pretty much nothing to avert global climate catastrophe.

here's the thing... the republican party moderates- who are fairly sane folks- are being shut out of their party by the batshit crazy folks from the religious right and former neocon movement. the democratic party has been hijacked by greedy, corporate shills like nancy pelosi and harry reid and the 'blue dog' democrats who are in reality- transplants from the repubs. there is a 'silent majority' out here who are by and large under represented in government at all levels. i say that we pull together and realize that there is strength in numbers and take back the country.

any takers?


thepoetryman said...

You know what I miss sometimes? My head! I inadvertantly deleted my Got Green blog while doing some major shifting of blogs over at APJ and I am sorry that I am just now getting around to telling you, my friend.

I do not think I will revive it either. I have removed several blogs that were used as storage for my various posts, be it my videos, short subject (films) and music (tune-up)... I incorporated them on APJ and The Tree as you probably have noticed.

Again, my head slipped off its pedestal which is held together by duct tape and very cheap epoxy.

thepoetryman said...


i say that we pull together and realize that there is strength in numbers and take back the country.I'm with ya!

landsker said...

Academic moments... Books, Learning, ... Long walks, new company , talks on the widest of topics... strangely though... I`d say that some of the most essential learning came from those non-curricular talks on other things and "other places".

The idea of taking back the country from an entrenched minority of wealthy despots has happened a few times in Europe, sometimes, as in France and Russia...semi-successfully, but with a civil war.
In Spain - sadness, where despite the deaths of thousands, fascism reigned for over thirty years.

The East Germans managed it, knocked down the wall, with barely a shot fired.. as did the Roumanians, with just a few shots:).
The Irish ejected the British, and so on!

Traditionally, revolutions take a while to foment and plan... best to get both the people and the army "on side."

Thinking -laterally, I`d be suprised if quite a few of the armed forces themselves aren`t talking of a revolt.

Time said...

There isn't even the sign of violent protests much less a military or armed coup against the government.
I doubt the American people (even those who would like to see the government ousted) would accept any armed take over of the government.
People must become more involved in the processes of government. The idea that one can vote and expect real change is a delusion. Our system has never relied on just voting to achieve real change in government.
The problem is the politicians who say one thing and do another. The money they are bribed with to vote against their constituents wishes, or even their own principles.
The country goes ga ga over a politician thinking he will be different, or a messiah of governmental change is naive.
Obama is a good politician, but just a politician! Look at his decisions. He is not an appeaser, he is a pleaser. He's trying to cement his political future (a second term) and ignoring the hard decisions that real change needs.
We need to get money out of politics. That can't happen as long as the Supreme Court equates money as free speech.
We can't have real change if the government is going to financially support the continuation of failed capitalistic corporations. These bailouts ensure we will be protecting these failed business profiles, for decades. These companies were not engaging in good capitalism, they were running their corporations on greed. They were not offering their customers a new and better way, they were simply making more profit on a system and products Americans were stuck buying and using because there were no other options.
The American people are to blame for not only abdicating their power to the power of the special interest groups (having so much power over our politicians) but for seeking the cheap and easy way to buy products and operate government.
The idea that we can tax ourselves less than we spend, is a dangerous delusion. The idea that we can let the rest of the World produce what we consume because it is cheaper, is a dangerous, selfish, lazy approach to a so called better lifestyle.
We lose the competition in the World market place, because we have the highest lifestyle level in the World. Either we raise the lifestyles in the rest of the World, or we must lower ours, and that is what's happening now.
There is a lot more pain to come as we lower our standards to meet the rest of the World.
Are we willing to pay to remain the best country in the World, or not? Are we going to accept the living standards of a third World country, or should we try to help raise their standards? Are we going to lead, or are we going to follow?
I'll stop now. Should have written my own post. Thanks for letting me rant.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Betmo: I’m all for compromise. I love a good discussion. I try on my blog, but sometimes the comments get off track and go in all different directions. But hey, at least some are trying to communicate. I give A’s to those who at least try! I agree with you that we have more in common than not. And I believe that the politicians would rather have us at each other’s throats than commonly joined. Think how hard their job would be if we the people were even somewhat united against them! Think of the loss of power to them and the gain of power to us! It could happen. I think people are becoming more educated now than ever before. Maybe one day the power will be with the people. I just hope I’m around to see it!