Saturday, May 09, 2009

saturday update

good lord! i almost keeled over yesterday- i mowed my backyard all in one fell swoop. after mowing mom's. yep. i was stupid. but i wanted to beat the rain. supposed to rain yesterday- and apparently, it did in the night. going to get t-storms today. having the tile laid today- and then grouted mondayish. thank goodness it's in the home stretch. it does make me sad that i have to clean my entire house top to bottom- because of the inordinate amount of dust. i mean dust like cement dust. sigh. i will enlist my husband's help- it's quite a task. anyhoo, the sun is shining at this time- so i will enjoy it and a second cuppa before jumping into my day. hope the weekend is good for all. namaste.

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You have a wonderful week-end; hope you get to spend time with our mom as well.

I can't get my rss feeds working today; Google keeps saying 'broken connection', so that means I've had to type in all the blog and web URL's - takes a lot longer (sigh).

Hey, I never noticed you have one of my blogs on your blog - thank you - that was so nice of you!

I particularly love this blog because of the music; the photo-show I made to go with the music, and fit it in with the theme of the blog itself.

I'm glad the weather is better; now as summer comes along, you'll be a 'busy bee' with your garden, yard, etc.

I'll be glad to read that all your home repairs are done, and then everything will be the way you want it.

Have a fun week - in fact, just keep on being busy; staying healthy and having fun - both you and your husband. Hugs - Diane