Friday, May 22, 2009

only the good friday

lovely day here today- i mowed the yard and added to the compost bin. i think i may need to expand soon :) don't have much to say- going to be working outside on the fam's yard a bit today and getting my hands dirty replanting tomatoes and whatnot. got some sweet taters that need to be put in too. furniture shopping for chairs tomorrow- by the end of summer- i'll have a living room suite! :) yeah! working on the bathroom pics. i am slow as you know what- but eventually. kitchen is grouted and awaits sealing- and the end of the dust is near. then, the fun begins.

enjoy the day and the weekend....

please join thornie, spadoman and beth for an optimistic, only the good friday kinda day- and feel free to put your link in the comments or email me and i'll throw it up to spread the joy around :)

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Thorne said...

Heyhey, woman!! Hope your weekend is going good. Mines full of company and foolishness and fun! xoxo from Thornesworld!