Friday, May 01, 2009

'only the good' friday

huh- it's that time of the week again. seemed to sneak right up on me :) i have been a bit busy this week- and i have a feeling my whole summer is looking that way. but for today- i am getting my wash machine unplugged- it has had a clog for a long time and i put a bucket under the drain to catch the overflow- and i am thrilled. what a mess. i like the guy who is coming to unclog it too. :) he's a friend of my husband's and is a very nice person- pleasant- so at least i know who i am paying. and he doesn't have a butt crack :)

raining here today but i hope to get my garden going over the weekend and then finish up the fam's garden next week. then, fingers crossed that it grows :) i have been tending towards control over things i can control- and i have been turning back towards the four noble truths. especially the one about life changing- and i don't feel quite as scared to death as i would have. i am also reading 'the world without us' by alan weisman- and while it makes me sad sometimes- it isn't as grim as i would have imagined. perhaps life can survive when humans extinct ourselves. that's a good thing.

anyhoo, feel free to jump in the meme when and if you want- and feel free to leave your link over here- and i will attempt to link you up in the post. enjoy the weekend- namaste.


spadoman at round circle has joined 'only the good' fridays- come on in, the water is fine :)

thanks to karina at candid karina for dropping by. i wasn't aware that shelley- who started the meme- had a recent loss in her life. if you can, please take a moment and give her some love at this eclectic life. and visit karina's ogf post too.

thornie has hers up too...


Karina said...

Hi there! I'm a fellow "Only the Good Friday" poster, and I just wanted to pop over and say HEY! I'm all about helping Shelly spread the Optimism Virus, especially this week when she's taking some time for herself, you know?

I love your positive outlook on your day, I hope you have a fabulous one!

betmo said...

thanks for coming by :) sometimes otgf posts are tough if the week has been negative- but i always look forward to posting :) shelly has a great blog and a kind heart and i am happy to be passing the meme around in these tough times. feel free to leave your link anytime :)

an average patriot said...

My carrots and my onions beans and peas are up and my 18 brussel sprouts are doing well. It is already time to start weeding and eating radishes.

Thorne said...

Happy weekend, sweet green gardening betmo!!! Hugs and kisses for you and Mr. Betmo (and Thornie kisses are GOOD!