Sunday, May 17, 2009

morning update

ahhhh.... sunday mornings.... having a cuppa and reading my email. doubt like hell i'll go near the google reader today. i have much to do :) i don't know if i have mentioned this in polite company-- but... i crochet :) i simply don't have a place to hawk my wares so, after much thought, i figured i would go online. no overhead, no fussing with booking shows, etc. and lo, i found etsy. i am always the last to know anything.

it sounds pretty good for me because my philosophy is- i like to make stuff and try out new stuff- but i don't want to mass produce. most likely, unless i like a pattern or a stitch- i'll only make one. and i am leaning towards that as a name for my virtual shop- 'only one' or something along those lines. feel free to make suggestions. the easy part is making the stuff- the harder part is the particulars. what to charge, etc. still working that out. oh, yeah, and i have to take pictures. i don't have any of those either :) so, that's what i'll work on.

catch up today and fixing my sister's porch step- weather permitting. tile still isn't 100% finished yet- although i can walk on all of it. i can't wait to have it done and my upstairs bathroom put back together. that's our main bathroom and let's just say- the downstairs bathroom isn't really where it's at for me :) not to mention that my kitchen is still torn up and waiting to be grouted. sigh. i tend towards orderly and anal and this has been a bit of a trial for me. luckily, i did not spring houseclean yet- or i would probably have had a nervous breakdown.

looking forward to non damp, non chilly weather so i can steam clean the dust out of my carpet. and that's where i am at. will more than likely have to replant the tomatoes and peppers as it has not been warm enough for them to really take off. and i wouldn't mind a wee less rain and damp- it makes the grass grow pretty good. sigh. but that's me complaining. at least, it's good exercise :)


Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

Did you ever show your chrochet works, the crotchies? Had a look at Etsy, typing "betmo". Nothing, nuthing, nix.


Brother Tim said...

I guess you've found out by now, that tile-setting is more art than science. :)

I'm getting ready to set about 350 sq ft plus a full flight of basement steps. Kitchen in ceramic, the other room and staircase in slate.

Pagan Sphinx said...

An Etsy store is a great idea for you! I was turned on to Etsy by my daughter SG1 and it's a very cool marketplace. Go for it! Since I've shopped there, I can give you ideas. I'm a really tough customer!
I hope it goes well for you. Once you have the shop up and running, be sure to leave a permanent link on here so we can check it out.

If I could make something worth selling, I'd do etsy in a heartbeat. Good luck!

We have a new floor in the main area of the house but the closets still haven't been done - tiled I mean. And there is a hallway that needs painting and once that's done, that can be refloored too. Too much to do. I too need to stop blogging and surfing soon. One more cup of coffee first, though....

Have a great Sunday, whatever you end up doing!

Love ya,

betmo said...

i will absolutely keep everyone apprised- again, i just have a few particulars to figure out- and pictures to take :)

as for the tile- i have left that in more than capable hands. :) and yes, indeed, it is an artform i don't know if i would have the patience for :)

thepoetryman said...

My oldest daughter and my wife were on Etsy this past weekend and when I visit your site, after too long away :>/, I see that you too have discovered this well kept secret.