Saturday, May 16, 2009

a little light musing

here's the thing- all of this media 'coverage' of the torture flap- is bullshit. of course, they aren't asking the correct questions- they are part of the problem. i can't even believe i have to type this-

we are america. there was a time when we believed in the ideals of our country. as americans- we don't torture. there should be no debate about that. we prosecute to the fullest extent crimes against humanity and torture- not just of our own people but the helpless.

except that we don't, apparently. i am simply baffled by the number of people in this country who get up and flag wave and sing lee greenwood tunes and slap that magnet on their suvs and proclaim to be proud to be americans. how can you be when you aren't really an american? when it's obvious you don't have clue one what that means. perhaps if you took the time out from watching fox noise or reading the washington times- you would understand what being an american and living in a free democratic republic means.

nowhere in our constitution does it advocate secret tribunals, torturing people for sport or lies to support pre-emptive, empire building, corporate war profiteering. i have read the document through at least twice and i can't find it anywhere. of course, i haven't found anywhere in the bible where it says it's ok to pose nude and get fake boobs to further a career either- but that's neither here nor there.

since 2000, being a lefty has branded me a 'traitor', 'conspiracy theorist', 'non american'- i have been told to leave if i don't like it in america- you name it- i have been called it. and i used to get mad about it, but i don't anymore. see, i know what it's like to be a real american. and it's obvious that the 'tea bag partiers' don't. they can wrap themselves up in the flag at a hannity concert but they don't think below the surface.

being an american means holding true to the ideals that originally shaped this country for generations- being free. and it's there where things start to break down because for the last 8 years, these flag waving 'freedom fighters' stood by while america slowly turned communist. they can rah rah about obama being socialist all they want- but it was the previous administration who, with a few strokes of a pen and nary a peep from the minions, wiped out right to privacy, protection from unlawful search and seizure, the right of habeus corpus, etc. those are the freedoms that made us american. contrary to popular belief- there are more rights in the bill of rights than one and two. hate to break it to ya'll.

i should say used to be.

so, all of this:

obama military tribunals

pelosi knew or didn't

obama pictures of torture surface

obama civil liberties

congress not looped on torture

is distractionary. why? because the real issue is that there is any debate amongst the people at all about torture. the real issue is that we, the people, well, some of us anyway, condone treating our fellow human beings this way. that we, as americans, feel so callously about other human beings because they are 'foreigners' or 'enemy combatants' that we simply label them as non human as well. because we have decided that it's ok for us to do whatever we want to do with anyone we want to do it to.

and that- is exactly what we, the people, were escaping from in the old country. guess the child has become the parent.


Brother Tim said...

When it comes to a solution, I'm at a loss for words. :(

Time said...

People are easily incited into the group think to back an idea or an action.
At a hanging two people might be silent or disgusted, but get 100 people at that hanging and all of a sudden one idiot has the whole crowd yelling hang him.
People want to be led and will follow any leadership, in the absence of good leadership.
Fear brings out the self survival instinct, and without thinking, people will strike out to supposedly protect themselves.
If they had a capacity to think for themselves, they would have realised that the fear was manufactured and their actions were unnecessary and stupid. That revelation comes only after they see the consequences of their behavior, and by then it's to late, the damage has been done.

Brother Tim said...

" That revelation comes only after they see the consequences of their behavior, and by then it's to late, the damage has been done."And even then, most refuse to admit their mistakes, and try to pass off the blame. I'm not just talking about the politicians either.