Thursday, May 21, 2009


the big dick- cheney has decided he actually does like light- the spotlight- because he can't seem to stay out of it. i have no idea what planet he's on but he had his chance and his side lost last election. he doesn't get another chance- he needs to go away and stfu. yesterday. i have absolutely no respect for a so called human being who calls for the torture of other human beings; a so called human being who goes to war against a country who didn't harm us to profit from war; a so called human being who has absolutely no regrets about any of the above mentioned issues.

dick 'the dick' cheney is not a person in my estimation. you would have to have a conscience for that.

i have a conscience and it allows me to feel nothing but absolute and utter contempt for his kind.


cheney's speech contained omissions and misstatements- huh, imagine that, he lied.


WeezieLou said...

what part of He's A Dr. Strangelove Psychopathic Lunatic did the american public not get the first 8 years???? who is giving this man a forum??? WHY is he sharing the spotlight with Obama??? where is the alleged "liberal media" - and why isn't it doing it's job?? i want a video on YouTube of The Big Dick being waterbordered, and interviewed immediately thereafter.

(not that i'm having any similar feelings, betmo! i've felt in a crazy time warp reading the news today!

Time said...

It's scary to think that so many Americans supported and still support this idiot and his Darth Vader ways.
The kind of people who thought: no big deal, so he shot a man in the face.
They can't wait to bring their guns into our National Parks.To protect themselves from what? Bambi? A bear looking for food? That's a surprise, a bear looking for food. They feed the bear, the bear comes back later looking for more food, and they shoot the bear claiming their lives were in danger???!!!
The bear's life was in danger as soon as these idiots entered the park.
Yes, these are the kind of people we are up against, idiots. No common sense. No pausing to think about the consequences of their actions, and prepared to kill without thinking.

thepoetryman said...

He is certainly acting like a guilty man and the fanatic-wing of the Republican party are eating it up like zombies in search of brains.

"How many fanatic-right-wingers would it take for the brain-eating-zombies to eat one whole brain?"

They are of the same just one?


They would have to eat the entire lot to eat one whole brain?

Yes! What do we have for our lucky contestant number two, Gene?

Well, Bob... Contestant number two is going to Iraq for a thrilling get away at the brand-spanking new Green Zone Hotel and Spa!

That's right! Our lucky contestant number two will fly first-class to Baghdad, but first they'll have the splendid opportunity to fly over Israel for a patriotic and breathtaking view of Israeli tanks demolishing Palestinian homes (with the inhabitants still inside)! Then it's a straight shot to beautiful downtown Baghdad!

But that's only the half of it, Bob! Our lucky contestant number two will be accompanied by a special super secret guest.

Who could it be, you ask? Well, Bob, he's hidden away in some undisclosed bunker north, east, south or west of DC with an unlimited supply of media outlets, a swollen sense of self and enough guilt to choke an elephant or a whole political party! Thaaaaaaaat's right, Bob! Our lucky contestant number two is flying with his honor the Ex-Vice President Dick "the dick" Cheney for a sunny and sultry Baghdad! Contestant number two and Dick "the dick" Cheney will be staying in the capital city of Iraq for an indefinite, all expense paid, luxurious, VIP getaway!