Saturday, May 02, 2009

ahhhh the whiff of irony

i find it ironic that the republican party bills itself out as the party of family values, freedom, patriotism, small government and fiscal responsibility. where do i even start? the party who claims to be for freedom and the constitution- has shredded this precious document and left only the second amendment intact (and the whys became obvious to me after the infamous dhs document was 'leaked.') the party of 'family values' isn't interested in keeping families intact. they are anti-choice for women when it comes to abortion but there doesn't seem to be a line of right wingers waiting to adopt. they claim to be patriotic and many have the bumper magnets on their trucks that say 'support our troops'- and then deny our military the proper equipment and medical care-- and withhold pay so that many are losing their homes while on duty.

but hey- they at least got the fiscal responsibility down right? ..........

here's my thought- these folks had a great plan to return the world to feudalism. they get to keep all of the money and power- and the rest of the 5 1/2 billion folks or so on the planet can serve them or die. they don't care which. their idea of utopia is a few white rich folks- republican/rightwing of course- having everything while the masses go without. to that end, they slowly implemented a 'free market capitalist agenda' and globalized it. they bribed and blackmailed their way into the governments of the western world- and in america, they stole and laundered trillions of the taxpayer's monies for their own gain. proof- you say- well, let's put a few of the pieces together in the 'new world order.'

folks who have followed this blog may remember the series i did back in 2006- it had about 5 parts and it followed rummy, cheney, et al from the start of their careers to the time i posted the series. i want to say around may, june of 2006 for those interested in the archives. that series took a look at pnac and some of the other groups that the key players belong to- but the names will be familiar as the same ones keep popping up wherever there is a corrupt stench- kissenger, rumsfeld, cheney, rockefeller, etc. these folks met each other and coalesced into a contingent in the 1970's- most within or around the nixon administration. many were involved in the last bush's administration. like bad pennies- these folks keep returning. and they aren't dead yet.

they latched onto milton friedman's ideology of pure capitalism and they watched as south american dictators (with help from our cia) put his theory into practice- through brutal death squads, torture, imprisonment and fear mongering. and then it spread to asia- and we saw again in china in the late 1980's the rise of the capitalist dictators under the guise of communism- and finally they tried it here in america under cheney and rumsfeld. i believe that they looted our treasury- they morphed everything under the guise of homeland security and gutted departments like the fda, fcc, epa, etc- where did the money go? billions of dollars simply vanished in iraq- where did the money go? billions went into the coffers of private contractors (privatization was key under friedman's theory) like halliburton and blackwater- where is that money?

and the rightwing neocons under the umbrella of the republican party gerrymandered and rigged elections- kept 'winning' seats. and they took over state and local governments until even their constituents noticed their infrastructures crumbling- where did the money go?

more recently, after president obama's election- the whines of discontent from the right became more sinister. the religious right's pulpits started sounding more militant with the neocon sound bites screaming from the tv from the trinity broadcast network. hate media led by limbaugh and hannity and fake news- um fox news- shrilly stirred the racist, fearful ignorant twenty percenters that rove courted so passionately. and the tea parties were 'born.' and news started to ooze out of the bible belt that the crazy whackjob wingnuts were hoarding bullets and ak 47's because they believed that their second amendment rights would be stripped and the evil liberals would usurp their freedoms. and now, they threaten to secede. threaten to secede.

it's unfortunate that most of the whackjobs are on the border with mexico- because i have a feeling that they were using gun running to finance their plans for upcoming civil war. because we can't have a black man in the white house. and we can't have a democrat because that will bring about the end times- although they are anxious for the rapture. but i digress...

no one is asking why president obama is the one who is finally doing something about the illegal gun running TO mexico. no one is talking about how we got so caught up in the media hype about illegal immigrants sneaking into this country that we didn't care about the bushco approved north american corridor going right up the middle of america and into canada. the highway that would allow mexican trucks access all the way up and down- and perfect to smuggle drugs, guns and slaves back and forth. now, we talk about it in terms of kowtowing to labor interests. um hmmm. someone somewhere figured out that it was fairly lucrative to the wrong folks- and shut off the tap to the well.

the rightwing cannot and should not simply be ignored. they cannot be reasoned with as they are not rational. they want what they want- and are getting desperate. and a trap rat bites. they are going to do something big- whether it be a pandemic (the swine flu is a bit of an attempt at fearmongering), or a 'terrorist attack' or an assassination attempt on the president. make no mistake- the batshit crazy fringers in the twenty percenters of the palin party- are alive and well- and live in your town and are our neighbors. that should frighten us all more than a little bit.


an average patriot said...

I'm telling you, those Bastards can say or do anything as they do as long as they get their way. It is sickening. I have to go out and I am going to as many Blogs as I can first. Every one of them is about lies torture and Republican extremists. I listened to Condi say if Bush says it is okay then it is legal. I want to scream!

Time said...

Nicely put !
Feel better now?
Yes, I remember the series.
That's another reason that crimes of the Bush administration must be investigated and punished. So we don't have some of these players coming back 20 years from now and doing the same shit.
Although I wonder if it will do any good when people elect a 7 count felon, or know about the bad actions of politicians and still vote them back in office.
Anyways, I won't turn this into one of my posts, good job.

Dave Dubya said...

In light of all the evidence over the past years, we can say one thing for certain about those intolerant, authoritarian, kool-ade drinking, ignorant, savage, war loving, flag-wrapped, greedy, brainwashed hypocrites.

They hate us for our freedom!

They hate the fact that they couldn't steal the last election. They hate the fact that the majority wants change. They hate the fact that our last vestige of democracy is still (barely)functioning. And they will do their damndest to undermine and sabotage the right of the people to interfere with their fascist agenda.

Frederick said...

Everyday that goes by I see less and less a difference between Republicans and Democrats.


Speaking of terrorism and the 'far right', how about this article:

U.S. Extremists Banned From Entering the U.K.
By David Holthouse

The BBC reported today that five American right-wing extremists were among 16 individuals banned from entering the United Kingdom since last October for reasons of “fostering extremism or hatred.”

According to a new report from the Home Office (the lead U.K. government department for immigration and passports), the six Americans and the reasons they were not allowed into the U.K. were:

• Stephen Donald Black, a.k.a. Don Black, former Alabama Klan leader and creator of the white nationalist online forum Stormfront, banned for “promoting serious criminal activity and fostering hatred that might lead to inter-community violence in the UK.”

• Erich Gliebe, chairman of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, for “engaging in unacceptable behaviour by justifying terrorist violence, provoking others to commit serious crime and fostering racial hatred.”

• Fred Phelps, Sr., and Shirley Phelps Roper, leaders of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, for “picket[ing] the funerals of Aids victims and [claiming] the deaths of American soldiers are a punishment for US tolerance of homosexuality.”

• Michael Alan Weiner, a.k.a. Michael Savage, right-wing talk radio host, for “seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred.” The Home Office also noted that Savage’s “views on immigration, Islam, rape and autism have caused great offence in the US.”

Other individuals banned from entering the U.K. in the past six months include Muslim extremists, a Jewish militant and two Russian skinhead gang leaders.