Monday, April 20, 2009

the south, slavery and secession

seems like some folks can't seem to get out of their rut. certain groups of folks naturally gravitate towards each other- they do say that 'birds of a feather...' well, apparently, i am not the only one who sees the batshit crazy rightwingers congregating at palin rallies and tea parties as something to be a wee concerned about. i guess i am not the only one who saw the last 40 years or so with the rightwing friedman disaster capitalism as a bad thing- most folks have had enough. the only folks who want the nightmare to continue are- naturally the wealthy- and their batshit crazy minions.

all you have to do is talk about non white folks in positions of power and mention the word 'gun' and they put 2 and 2 together and get 5. they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

anyhoo, in the wake of the tea parties (taxed enough already?) where hundreds of minions came out to take the place of their wealthy overlords (ala civil war style) to stand in the inclement weather and protest the top 5% of the wealthiest americans getting their tax brackets squeezed a bit- the odious dhs memo leaked out- and the entire south got a case of the vapors.

here's the reality:

most of the rightwing bullshittery is taking place- in the southern L as i call it- any of the incensed congress critters or governors- usually southern states

those are the folks routinely targeted by the rightwing evangelicals like robertson, parsley, hagee- and many are based in virginia and tex-ass. in fact, much bullshittery comes from tex-ass.

speaking of tex-ass- the whole secession movement is centering on tex-ass- but indeed, other states are opting for at least 'sovereignty' as if they don't have it now under a democratic, black president and they did under cheney. oh, right- dull blades.

the south seems to be the ones with the biggest issues regarding illegal immigration, but they also seem to be the ones who enjoy owning slaves. oh, sorry, migrant workers and nannies. and they do have an affinity for the idea of the confederate states of america. they never really seemed to move on from the civil war.

so, their panties are in a wad over getting booted out of power- by the democrats and by a black guy at that. they are scared to death at the fact that the 'waspish' nature of america is slipping away- more of us heathens hopping about coloring eggs than worshipping a myth these days. their disaster capitalism that fueled so much misery for the majority of the folks on the planet- america included- is on its way out as folks realize that regulation and humanity coupled with a somewhat free market and personal responsibility leads to a better way of life than unbridled profit over people. and now, they are in fight mode. they are drawing lines in the sand and hunkering down in their trenches. make no mistake- these folks could be construed as laughable.

but you don't need to know how to spell to shoot a gun.

these folks are arming and dangerous and dumb as rocks- hence, easily manipulated. let's think about that for a moment. these are our neighbors. just sayin'...



I'm sure you noticed the signs; interesting that the two words spelled wrong were 'informed morons'....2 different signs, but the message says it 'loud and clear'; nothing like an 'informed moron' is there!


I just has to post this, Billie - the word verficiation reads:


Now that's a shit-load of letters isn't it!!!


landsker said...

Interesting times!...The idea that the wasps could be ruled by a bee?....[Black, Educated, Empowered.]
But seriously, there is a small odour of rat in all this...
Could the establishment actually want a confrontation within the US, giving an excuse to implement martial law... thus defelcting attention from the economy and the wars of terror?


I'm 67 years old; since JFK was killed, we've seen exactly the signs and efforts of trying to declare MARTIAL LAW....the comment above me smells a rat that's now 'long in the tooth', and might be vedddddy vedddddy anxious..............