Sunday, April 12, 2009

shock and awe continues- and not just in iraq

if you haven't read naomi klein's 'the shock doctrine,' i encourage you to do so. why? because the information contained in the book mirrors what we continue to see today. i don't believe that because barack obama was elected that our country is on the road to recovery- not because i don't wish it to be so- but because all of the players who held the reins of power are still out there. if you look to the 1970's history, you will see parallels between the juntas in south america and the beginnings of the same types of tactics here. same mentality- same tactics- actually same people involved then as now- cheney, rumsfeld, kissinger, .... instead of trying to cleanse america's mindset by electroshock- they used 'dumbing down' that everyone complains about; they used 'controlled chaos' (as named by el rushbo in his radio show); they used 9/11. this latest economic construct is also designed to shock us- and the hysterical glen beck talking about government controlled fema concentration camps--- well, when folks like me posted on them almost 2 years ago, we were denounced as conspiracy theorists. torture- america tortures. it is easy to see where we have been headed and how we narrowly staved off the whole enchilada. but, this is a 'work in progress' according to the right wing friedmanistas. their goal isn't just to be in power- it's to wipe any leftist thinking straight off the map.

even now, hannity, et al, are pushing 'individualism'- it's the new thing. why? klein does a better job of explaining why, but it's fairly intuitive- the same reason one has to still apply for a permit to protest. the same reason that these folks are still going after 'community organizers' like ACORN- they don't want folks to have 'solidarity.' the 'tea tantrums' (to quote andrew sullivan) are a smoke screen and distraction from the real reason that these 'parties' exist. they were the brainchild of a corporate over a year ago- and these folks indeed have lobbyist backing now. where else would they get those tea bags? these parties hide the fact that secessionists and strategizers are meeting to plan their next round of mischief.

make no mistake at all- these folks are not on the wane as the msm keeps trying to convince us. if anything, being behind the scenes and out of the limelight- makes them more dangerous. we underestimate them at our own peril.


an average patriot said...

Like you I am sick of talking it. Even the Shock Doctrine is nothing new. No surprises. I have said it a million times, it is all part of the lie we are living. I relax and take refuge in my garden. No big deal just life today!

Worried American said...

On the same page, Betmo. Sometimes I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness, a Cassandra prophesying to deaf ears when I try to pass the word on to friends and families, far less blog readers. They won't pay attention until our nation crumbles around their ears. I fear greatly for the future of my ( and ALL) grandchildren and great-grandchildren.