Monday, April 13, 2009

self centered in grief

here's the thing americans apparently aren't able to do- think about more than one thing or person at a time. look, i am not insensitive to folks' grief- especially in light of senseless violence and tragedy. but, true to form, folks who live in this culture can't see the forest through the trees and seem intent to find a scapegoat to blame even if those folks are innocent.

case in point, the recent shooting here in binghamton- it isn't the shooter's family who is to blame for the death of 14 people. yet, you wouldn't know that. the city, together with an interfaith council (i won't even go there) planted a memorial garden with 14 flowers. not for the shooter- but for the shooter's family. well, that was an outrage- and someone ripped out one of the flowers. really classy. no ability to realize that the family had no more answers than the rest of us as to why the killer shot up the civic center. and not only do they grieve for their son, brother, etc. but they have to carry his burden of shame for killing innocent people. they will carry that forever.

and you rip out acknowledgment of that. whoever you are- you are sickening. i hope you feel proud and really good about yourself.

oh- and fyi- try and pronounce the name of the family who protested. i dare ya.

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