Tuesday, April 14, 2009

over at the peace tree today

i posted over there about amazon's decision to discriminate against lgbt folks.

my buddy spadoman has an informative piece up about the crow creek ride and why it is necessary. america has a shameful history when it comes to the treatment of native americans. that shame and treatment continues today. take a peek at the article and feel free to comment there if you want. good tuesday :)


Brother Tim said...

As an Irishman, I love your new color scheme. Green is my favorite color, and NOT because it's the color of money. :)

WeezieLou said...

i went right over to the petition site and added my 2 cents (OK, maybe 5 cents 1)

Worried American said...

Hello, Betmo. I clicked over and signed several petitions (there are a LOT of them, aren't they?)Obama has reversed SOME of the crap Bush did to us and our nation, but he seems to have waffled on others. It's too soon to judge him harshly and I hope hope hope that as he settles into his duties he will restore America to a decent state.