Friday, April 17, 2009

'only the good' friday

mmmm..... i have the windows opened and the front doors too to let in the sunshine and the fresh air. it feels lovely. i planted red daylilies this week but i have the task of sorting and replanting bulbs from my fam's house and here- in the fall. the nice lady who lived in the house at the fam's planted bulbs everywhere in every color- and they spring up wherever. i want to make some order- so, it looks like my fingernails will be dirty for months :)

the cats love sitting in the windows and watching the birds- mainly grackles at this point- and they chase each other and when it's naptime- they snore. :) life is good.

i know that i focus on the ugly sometimes- it is not my intention to depress- but inform. i have a feeling life will change for the better- but not necessarily the way we think we want it to :) patience is key. president obama-- is not dick cheney. if we look at the bigger picture and don't jump immediately on his shit- he eventually gets to where we want him to be. he just takes the circuitous route. patience.

check out 'only the good fridays' at thornie's place- she has her's up. keep your eyes peeled for others- and leave your link in the comments if you want.


fjb said...

I got my rhubard moved yesterday. OMFG, some of the tap roots where 4-5" in diameter!

an average patriot said...

Enjoy it Betmo! Nice huh? I plant some string beans and another variety of carrots today. I usually put the seeds in a salt shaker to disperse them because they are so small. Today I tried planting the little suckers one at a time. Nearly impossible!

Thorne said...

Betmo my friend, I'm so glad you are having a beauty filled Only the Good Friday! And I for one know how hard you struggle to find the balance between being "negative" and being "informed", and I appreciate your constant and steadfast commitment!
I was also thinking, (and I know I've said it before on my blog, but I wanted to say it here) about how you are also my true friend and were always there for me with your valued love and support during my year long "dark night of the soul". I appreciate you, my friend. You are a sparkling diamond in an often shadowed universe.


Nice to know your day was good - mine too; nothing but music and beautiful sunshine/gentle wind with all the windows open and the sun set so beautifully behind the mountains (like they do each night where we live - glad I can see it so easily).

As to Cheney, you have to remember he is a 'dick' (smile)......

The Future Was Yesterday said...

My God, you jist gittin' with the program, girl?:)

I've got tiny green tamatters........:)

Eat yer heart out!:P

betmo said...

dan'l you are a wee south of here :) it still gets a wee chilly here in noo york :)

thornie- you are sweet- sweets :)