Friday, April 10, 2009

'only the good' friday

i don't 'celebrate' easter- or oestre as i like to think of it. i do like the idea of the spring equinox and celebrating spring and fertility and all that. and my sister did get me a wee bit of candy and i her :) but we don't do eggs and ham- green or plain. the weather is not cooperating with my outside plans but i intend to get outside this weekend for a bit anyway. i must treat the lawn with milky spore to get rid of the japanese beetles. i am also going to plant rue with my roses this year to help deter- and eventually add garlic to the mix.

ooh- and hubby will help me put together the lightweight reel mower i purchased at a great price for the fam's yard. they don't have much of a yard to start- and most of the backyard will be given over to the veggie and flower garden- so- i bought a reel mower. the motered mower is not in the best of shape- rusted and whatnot as the garage leaks.

today, on this good friday, i baked bread for the fam and watered all of my plants. i planted some squash seeds to sprout (don't know if the seeds are any good so i am sprouting in advance of planting.) and worked out. i intend to visit mom today and pick up some pics i ordered online. full day. :) had a nice dinner out with the hubster last night, so, it has been a good couple of days.

back to you guys to do your own 'good friday' post :)


an average patriot said...

Hi Betmo
If those squash seeds are 5 or 6 years old and kept cool and dry they will sprout. I hope they are butternut. They keep well! I just prepared my carrot bed. Oh yeah I recommend garlic, it is good to pick on too like scullions!

fjb said...

Cold and wet up here this weekend but we're persevering anyway. Yard clean-up is well under way, and I treated myself to some primroses that are going in the ground, no matter what.:)

I guess we'll warm up soon enough collecting horse poop out of the paddock and cleaning up under the bunny hutch. BTW, for those who may not know, Bunny Tea is great fertilizer for almost any plant.

Thorne said...

Happy springy weekend, love!!!
xoxo (I'm up for Blog Against Theocracy this year, albeit without my old spitfire...)